Dear Briarcrest families,

Welcome back!  This has truly been a fantastic start to the year.  Our teachers and students have been getting to know each other, and building a strong foundation for their work together.

First, a celebration:  I am so proud to announce that in June we received a Title I award from Gayle Pauley, director of Washington State.  Not only did it come with a gift of funds, but it is such a well-deserved recognition of all of the efforts that our staff, students, and families contribute at Briarcrest.  From Ms. Pauley: It is not often that I have the opportunity to provide a monetary award to our schools for their outstanding efforts in working with our children.  I thank you and your entire staff for the great work you have done in supporting your students.

Have you heard of PAWS yet?  We are implementing a positive behavior system this year, in which we are explicitly teaching expectations to the students in all areas of the school.  PAWS stands for Problem solve, Act respectfully, Work to do your best, Safe choices.  The staff is working as a team to teach these skills to our students, and positively reinforce them.  You will notice posters and signs in the hallways and classrooms; Mr. Leslie has even written a school PAWS song.  We are already seeing benefits from this work, and I look forward to watching it grow in our school.

Finally, you may have noticed several of our dads wearing a WatchDOGS t-shirt at the BBQ – that is our Dads of Great Students Program.  I’m recruiting the men of Briarcrest – dads, grandpas, uncles, family friends – to commit to a day of work at Briarcrest this year.  Sound interesting?  We will be holding a family kick-off event on October 7th at 6:00 PM, with more information coming home in a separate flyer.  The program is all for the benefit of our children, and I know we can make it a big success.

Here’s to a great year!

Jonathan Nessan  - Briarcrest Principal