Mr. Goree
Room 22

Briarcrest - 6th grade (2015-16)
Hour of Code
Yes, it is true.  Students may join in the scientific collection of data to see 
if using yoga balls in the classroom, as chairs, really improves student focus.  As
I have said, the classroom rule is, "Don't cause a problem for yourself or others."  So, as long as the yoga balls do not cause a problem, we can use them as chairs.
As a side note, this happened 3 years ago in my classroom.  A student read an article that said that using yoga balls as chairs could improve the focus of some students.  She asked if we could do that (she was expecting a simple, "No").  I quoted the rule and said that I could imagine problems, but that I would be willing to try it.  It was a 100% success.  So, this class asked that question today, and we are going to give it a try, and collect data, this time.
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