First graders should spend 30 minutes a day with a book.  You could read to or with them during this time.  In addition to reading, feel free to choose a second activity to do with your child each day.  Suggestions are listed below.

*While reading with your child:

  • Practice comprehension strategies with your child.  While reading and ask your child questions about the book. 
  • Help your child make connections between the story and your child's life.                                                                    
    • For example, if the story is about the beach, ask your child to tell you what he/she knows about the beach.
  • Ask your child to predict what will happen next in the story.                                                                           
  • Have your child visualize (or make pictures in his/her head) about part of the story. 
    • For example, if the story is a fairytale about a princess, before showing your child the picture of the princess in the story, ask your child to make a picture in his/her head about what he/she thinks the princess will look like (including clothing) and where the princess is. Then have your child share this picture with you (They can tell or draw it).
  • Talk with your child about the setting and characters.
  • Ask your child sequencing questions such as what happened first, last, in the middle of the story.

*Practice sight words. A PDF document can be found on the "document" page of my site.

*Play  educational games
such as Boggle Jr., chess, checkers, anything with letters and anything else that involves learning!

*Visit educational websites for math and reading games or practice. Go to my "links" page for websites!

*Go on a field trip to the Public Library, Musuems, the Zoo, the Aquarium, or see a play.