Reading Unit 4 Week 2 March 8-11

Thank you for supporting your child by reading a minimum of 20 minutes each night.  Please stop and pause during reading to ask your child comprehension questions to be sure your child is understanding what is read.

 A wonderful reading philosophy is TO - WITH - BY

Read TO your child

Read WITH your child (take turns)

Have story read BY your child

Again, pause for understanding questions!  Thank you for your collaboration in teaming to set your child up for success! 

This weeks lessons:

2nd Grade

  • Background - Our culture makes us special
  • Comprehension skills - Visualize
  • Genre Realistic  - fiction
  • Vocabulary - words in context, irregular plurals, similies
  • Fluency - Expression

3rd Grade

  • Background - Adaptations
  • Comprehension skills - Re read, compare and contrast
  • Genre - Fiction
  • Vocabulary - words in context
  • Fluency - Intonation