Welcome to Journey for 2016-17.

My name is Rebecca Drury, and I usually go by Becca. I have taught in public schools for 13 years, with a focus on middle school math, science, and engineering. I can hardly believe am starting my 9th year at Cascade K-8 Community School. I was a geologist and a web developer before I became a teacher.

I am teaching Algebra 1, 7th Grade Compression Math, and 6th Grade Math. Fergus will be teaching regular 7th Grade Math. I am also the Journey Science teacher and the instructor for our STEAM program.

Shereen Allen  and I share all of the Journey students. Shereen is the teacher for Humanities, Fergus Temporada is the Arts and Technology teacher, Tiffany Smith is the PE teacher, Bob Phillips is the 6th Grade Band Teacher, and Vicky Ault is the 6th grade orchestra teacher.