http://bgcnwnj.org/wbgc/sports,%20fitness%20and%20recreation/recreational%20athletics/floor%20hockey/floor%20hockey.jpgThis month we are starting one of the students favorites which is FLOOR HOCKEY! We will work on basic skills, and play some fun games to work in those skills. We will also use short sticks and play scooter hockey.

K/1- Won't participate in floor hockey, instead we will focus more on locomotive skills.

2/3- Students will learn how to hold the hockey stick in the correct position, and strike the puck (or ball) efficiently.

4/5- Students will learn to how travel with the puck (or ball), and play in small game like situations.

Journey- Students will learn how to travel with the puck (or ball), and hit a non- moving target. They will play in games, an activities using this skill.