I will be updating this site throughout the year with PE/Health information including grading policies, student work, and student grades.
New documents, including grading policy, have been posted in the documents link. Also, look for new health and fitness links to be updated. 

Student Requirements for Physical Fitness Portion of Classes:


Each student in PE will be issued an individual lock and small locker, with the expectation that they will lock their belongings up each class day. The Health & Fitness department staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items, but we will help students if they are having trouble with their locker or forgot their combination. We also have a lost and found box that is locked in our office. Students need to tell a staff member if they are missing any items and we will do our best to help them.


  Students must wear a gray or white t-shirt to the fitness portion of this class. This must be separate from the shirt they wore to school. Students also need to have their first and last name clearly printed on the front of their shirt, with no additional writing on it. Students have the option of purchasing Einstein PE shirts and shorts in the main office. They also need to change into shorts or sweatpants and wear athletic shoes to earn full credit for dressing out. Students who do not dress out for PE will lose credit for that class period.

  *If you are unable to participate, a note from home is needed and dressing out is still required. Please remember all absences, non-dress, tardy, and gum can be made up.

Below is the link for the 7th and 8th grade FLASH lessons:


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