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FOR AFTER SCHOOL SPORTS, ACTIVITIES, AND OVERNIGHT FIELD TRIPS:  Arrangements must be made for student to carry or have access to his/her medication for after school sports, activities and over night field trips.  THERE ARE NO NURSING SERVICES AVAILABLE DURING THESE TIMES.


Students are instructed to ask their teachers for a pass to come to the Health Office during class time if they are feeling ill. They are NOT to use their cell phone to call a parent unless they are in the Health Office and have checked in with the nurse.

If your student uses their personal cell phone to call you to let you know they are ill, please first ask them if they are in the health office. If they are not in the health office, please ask them to go there to check in and then call you back. I never refuse to allow a student to use my phone to call a parent. Having your student check in with me allows me to touch base with them and see how they are doing. It also avoids parents showing up in the health office looking for their student who had called them to be picked up but their student is not in the health office. We then have to try and treack that student down. If it is during a break time, that can be very difficult.

If you student calls from the health office, I can also excuse that absence for the day which avoids much confusion, and a phone call and e-mail to you that your student was absent.

I record student that I see in the health office. If your student checks inwith me, I will have a written record if there are any attendance questions. Teachers often e-mail me to see if I have seen a student or sent them home.


If your child is being sent home with a fever of 100 degrees or more, please be advised that they need to stay home untill their temperature has been normal for 24 hours (without any fever reducing medications).

If your child is sent home with a severe cough, headache, fatigue, sore throat, or thick nasal drainage, please keep them home to rest.  The body needs energy to fight an illness.  By keeping your child home an extra day after symptoms are gone, you can reduce the likelihood of further illness or severe complications like pneumonia and bronchitits.


PERMISSION TO ADMINISTER MEDICATIONS AT SCHOOL FORMS MUST BE COMPLETED BY PARENTS AND PHYSICIANS. This includes over-the-counter medications (such as tylenol, Ibuprofen, TUMS, etc) as well as prescription medications. This forms can be downloaded from my documents or it can be faxed to your health care provider and faxed to me.

Substitute House Bill (SHB) 2834 mandates students with life-threatening health conditions may not attend school until they have medication and/or treatment orders and a nursing plan in place.  Diabetes and severe asthma (required hospitalization in the last year), severe allergies requiring an epi-pen be available in case of exposure to allergen are all examples of life threatening conditions. 

There are other conditions that would qualify for life threatening condition.  If your student has health concerns that you think might qualify, please contact me.  The goal is to keep all of our students safe and healthy.  Parents are an important piece in formulating this plan for their students.  The treatment plans this process produces help insure the best care for students.


There are treatment order forms in the documents area of this site.  I provided them as a potentially useful framework for physician orders.  They provide step-by-step orders that translate well into emergency care plans for students.  Physicians are free to write orders within a different format.

Available for Download:

Treatment plans for
    Other--any other condition

Permision to Administer Medications at School form needs to be completed by both the parent and health care provider if the student will require medications while at school.

Forms may be downloaded by going to the Documents button on the top left of this page.


Sport physicals completed on the Shoreline School District Sport Physical Form are valid for 24 months.

If you turn in a form from your health care providers office and it contains:
*  All of the information contained on the Shoreline School Districe Form (required by WIAA)
*  States it is valid for 24 months

Then it will be honored as valid for 24 months.


If the physician form does NOT contain all of the information on the Shoreline District Form, you will be asked to provide that additional information BEFORE the physical is accepted and the student is able to participate in practice or competition.

If the physician sport physical contains all of the information on the Shoreline Sport Physical Form but the health care prvider has not indicated it is valid for 24 months, then it will be considered valid for ONE YEAR- 12MONTHS-ONLY.

Forms may be downloaded by going to the Documents button on the top left of this page.


The minimum immunization requirements for school attendance are:

DTaP/DT/Td/Tdap:  3 doses IF the last dose on or after the fourth birthday AND 1 dose Tdap IF student is 11 years old and IF it has been at least 5 years since the last DTaP, DT or Td..
Polio:  3 doses and the last dose on or after the fourth birthday or 4 doses IF all given before 4th birthday.
MMR: 2 doses, 1st given on or after the first birthday, 2nd dose must be at least 28 days after the 1st dose.                                                                                             
Hepatitis B:  3 doses, 2nd dose is recommended given 1-3 months after the 1st dose.  3rd dose must be given at or after 6 months old AND is recommended given 2-6 months after the 2nd dose.
Varicella:  Recommended, but not required.


School districts are no longer required to screen for scoliosis.  I will only screen for vision and hearing.  Screening is provided by the school nurse and trained volunteers.

Results of screening are sent home only if a student does NOT pass the vision and/or hearing screens.

A student may be exempted from vision and hearing screening by sending a note to the school nurse, by e-mailing your request to or by phoning and leaving a message at the Einstein health office, (206) 393.4734.  Requests for exemption should be received by October 1st.  Please contact the AE nurse if you have any questions about screening.


New Free and Reduced Lunch Applications must be completed at the beginning of EACH school year.

Applications are given to all families in August.  There are extra copies available all year long in the Einstein office.  Please complete an application at any time during the school year as family needs change.

Students that attended any school in the Shoreline School District the previous school year and qualified for Free or Reduced Lunches will have a 30 day "Grace" period at the beginning of the school year.  It is very important for families to complete the new applications and turn them in as early as possible in September of each school year so there will not be any disruption of services.

Please be aware that even if a student does not intend to eat lunch at school, we urge students to apply for free or reduced lunch program.  Attached to the qpplication is a Free or Reduced Parent Consent Form.  This must be returned signed to the Einstein School Nurse to access scholarships for:

ASB cards,
Class Fees
Sport fees
Summer school scholarships
Field trip fees
Holiday Food Baskets
Shoreline Back to School Event
Other scholarships

Students should see their counselor regarding fee waivers.