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Students working on Stormwater Runoff Project. 

Pictured below students collect macro invertebrates to analyze pollution in Hillwood Creek.




People enjoying the NWABR projects at the
Shoreline STEM Festival and Science Fair

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8th grade honors science classes wrote essays, created posters or videos and submitted their entries to the Northwest Association for Biomedical Research in March 2016.  The entries were judged by one or more scientists and all entries will receive a letter with their comments.  

Students placing first, second, and third receive a cash prize and are invited an the awards ceremony at the Infectious Disease Research Institute on June 6th.


EINSTEIN winners highlighted in ORANGE (GO TIGERS!)

Essays (ELL): 1st – Mi Chung, Woodmont K-8 / 2nd – Rhea Kumar, Woodmont K-8 / 3rd – Richie Hayes, Totem

Essays (AMB): 1st – Katarina Matt, St. Anne / 2nd – Chloe Bright, Evergreen / 3rd – Evan Shoemaker, St. Anne / Honorable Mentions - Evan Reynolds, Access / Cassidy Williams, Post / Sage Hartman, Post / Nayan Birnbach, Evergreen / Sophia Yee, Evergreen / Sylvia Grace, St. Anne

Essays (ARHA): 1st – Georgia Arnold, Post /  2nd – Mia Foster, Einstein / Third – Nicholas Nelson, Mountain View

Essays (ARSL): 1st – Zurin Birnbach, Evergreen / 2nd – Mira Nichels, Evergreen / 3rd – Joshua Young, Evergreen / Honorable Mentions - Philipp Mergener, Evergreen / Genevieve Trimbell, Einstein /Sam Schorsch, Evergreen / Ben Norman, Evergreen

Videos (ARSL): 1st -  Phoebe French, Evergreen / 2nd -  Audrey Deligan, Evergreen

Videos (AMB): 1st – Erin Hocraffer, Einstein / 2nd – Hannah Sheidegger, Einstein / 3rd – Kokoro Holcomb, Einstein  / Honorable Mentions – Abigail Larson, Einstein / Ed Smith, Einstein / Shay Ryder, Einstein

Videos (ARHA): 1st – Samantha Ayers, Einstein

Posters (AMB): 1st – Caroline Gugger, Einstein / 2nd – Sophia Schloss, Evergreen / 3rd –Rhaya Arciaga, Totem / Honorable Mentions - Cynthia Ruelas, Einstein / Lena Bae, Einstein / Mary Haanen, Einstein / Molly Stamey, Einstein / Elma Lu, Einstein

Posters (ARSL): 1st – Jenny Nguyen, Einstein / 2nd – Olivia Benson-Gregory, Evergreen / 3rd- Venessa Yefimchuk, Totem / Honorable Mentions - Kaya Daggatt, Evergreen / Karsten Lomax, Einstein


Eighth Grade SCC and UW TRIP!!

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Students learned about Fuel Cells and Electrolysis.  Pictured below students separate water into hydrogen and oxygen using a battery.  Cabbage juice is used as a pH indicator to see the reaction.

IMG_0651.jpg  IMG_0645.jpg


Students test their Earthquake Resistant Structures on the Shake Table.

 IMG_0557.jpg    IMG_0558.jpg

  IMG_0552.jpg   IMG_0581.jpg

IMG_0578.jpg      IMG_0580.jpg


Hour of Code page 1.jpg

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 7.06.24 AM.png

Why learn to code      Hour of CODE

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Check out several Philosophical Chair Reflections that were well done under the documents tab.  Note how the students accurately and effectively referenced our discussion, the articles and other sources of information to strengthen their arguments. 


Students developed procedures to collect evidence and

used deductive reasoning to catch the thief! (11/4, 11/5)


aria.jpg   20151101_074710.jpg



Students celebrate after successful launches! (October 28 & 29, 2015)





IMG_0282.JPG    IMG_0283-6.JPG


Using the inclinometer



Wind Tunnel Results for frontal drag

Lowest Drag          >         >         >         Highest Drag

20151027_131031.jpg IMG_0268.JPG20151027_125606.jpg 20151027_124235.jpg 20151027_110716.jpg 20151027_123357.jpg20151027_110648.jpg20151027_130608.jpg 20151027_132528.jpg  


Pictured below are solar stills students assembled to purify salt water into fresh drinkable water.  We left them outside in the sun last weekend (9/11/15 - 9/13/15) to test them.  This project was a review/refresher on the water cycle, systems, engineering design process and using the INB.


 solar stills.jpg


Students create roller coasters to investigate acceleration (9/29/15).

 20150929_125002.jpg  20150929_110651.jpg  20150929_143923.jpg  20150929_134254 copy.jpg  pic3.jpg



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Mary Thurber, Fan #12 and Russell Okung, Seattle Seahawk #76