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Welcome to Science!
Posted by Adrienne Janacek on September 04, 2015 at 1:35pm

We will be using Google classroom this year. On the Google class website, you will find our daily lessons, including the Essential Question, activities, and labs. There are also links to important documents and short videos we may view in class. Please check the class site often, ESPECIALLY if you are absent. It is a GREAT resource to find anything you might have missed, or get a worksheet you may have misplaced. 

Sign into your Shoreline Google account, click Apps, click Google Classroom, click the "+" sign, click "join class", and enter the classroom code: 

7th grade classroom code: d8hhgmg

8th grade classroom code: aamfk27

Please email with any questions: adrienne.janacek@shorelineschools.org