Ms. Chmielniak

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            My name is Ms.Chmielniak and I will be team-teaching third grade this year with Ms. Kirkpatrick.

   This will be my 15th year of teaching at Highland Terrace! I have team taught 6th grade for a year with Mr. Davies, then moved to Kindergarten for eleven years and now I am beginning my third year in Third grade. Before coming to Highland Terrace, I taught at The Bush School as a third grade teacher (4 years) and as a science specialist (3yrs). This year, I am fortunate to be  teaming with Ms. Kirkpatrick in Room 16.   

            You will get a chance to meet us on Tuesday, September 5th at Open House. Doors will be open between 1:30-3:30. This is a perfect time to become acquainted with your new classroom and to meet us before the first day of school. It is also a time to bring in that giant bag of supplies and pay for your magazine subscription for the year($6.50).  We can accept cash or a check made out to Highland Terrace for that amount. If you are unable to pay for the subscriptions (this cost should not be a burden or hardship), please email us, as we have scholarships available.

       This year our class is going to read voraciously, develop and hone problem-solving skills in math and science, learn that mistakes are a part of  growing our brain, write out and share our ideas, our wonderings and our opinions. We will train to be good listeners and thinkers and nurture habits that make us careful workers, caring community members and good friends who are empathetic, compassionate and thoughtful towards others. We will learn about our world and ourselves ! Our bare walls are ready for your wit, creativity and imagination. Erin and I look forward to meeting you to get this year rolling.

         HOMEWORK FOR THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL –Please bring in your current favorite chapter book or picture book. We will be doing an activity around your choice AND you will be able to read it during silent reading.

         Enjoy these final few days of summer. We are going to have a memorable year together.