This Week in P.E. (Physical Education)


OCTOBER 16-20, 2017

For the next several weeks, the intermediate students will be doing physical fitness testing.  This week they perform the sit-and-reach stretch to test the flexibility of their hamstrings and perform curl-ups to test their muscular strength and endurance.  The primary students will be learning and working on the fitness exercises that the intermediate students will be tested on over the next three weeks.

OCTOBER 9-13, 2017

This week, each class has only one PE class due to parent/teacher conferences and no school on Friday.  The intermediate students will be playing "I love this game," a game where student try and knock down the pins of other students.  The primary students will play Continuous Tag, a tag game where student race from one end of the gym to the other to collect sticks. 

OCTOBER 2-6, 2017

This week, the students will work through a fitness circuit consisting of eight fitness stations.  The stations are the curl-ups, push-ups, step-ups, planks, jogging, bicep curls, butterfly stretch and the sit-and-reach stretch.  Also, the intermediate students will play "Eraser Football" and the primary students will play "Fitness Tag." 

SEPTEMBER 25-29, 2017

This week, the intermediate students will play Challenge Run and Catch Me If You Can, two fast paced games that will get the students running.  The primary students will play a couple of fun tag games called Zookeepers and Puppies.

SEPTEMBER 18-22, 2017

This week, the intermediate students will play Bean-bag tag and Team Memory, a game where students work together to be the first to collect all their items.  The primary students will play a couple of fun and fast-paced tag games called Cheese Grab and Mouse Trap.

SEPTEMBER 11-15, 2017

This week, the intermediate students will participate in cooperative activities in which they work together to accomplish a goal and outdoor games such as Cones and Capture the Flag.  Students in the primary grades will be working on their chasing and dodging skills through various tag games, such as Squirrel Tag and Icicles & Sunshine.  They will also play a new game called Bridges and Rivers.

SEPTEMBER 4-8, 2017

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!  This week, students will be taught behavioral expectations and classroom (gym) rules.  They will participate in listening, running, and team building activities.