Highland Terrace Student Council: Overview

The Highland Terrace Elementary School Student Council represents the voice of our students. We plan school-wide special activities, promote school pride, and provide input to the administration on issues of student concern.  Student Council organizes and helps support school events and service projects intended to strengthen the connections between our school and the Shoreline community in which we live.

Student Council provides students with an opportunity to become involved in school and community activities.  The council’s main purpose is to promote initiative, enthusiasm, pride and cooperation among the students through their involvement in student government, development of policies, and participation in activities affecting the student body.

The council is responsible for planning and implementing events including Spirit Weeks, Food Drive, Popcorn sales, and running the student store.

Highland Terrace Elementary is proud to have our students taking an active role in providing service to, and fun activities, for our school and community.  Student Council members learn how to set an agenda, brainstorm ideas, solve problems, vote, advertise, and manage events, as they develop their citizenship skills and teamwork. All of these important skills help representatives to become well-rounded school leaders.

Student Council is made up of six Officers, and two Student Representatives from each class in grades 4 -6. We promote citizenship training by providing direct experiences for students in the processes of democracy.

During November, elections of six student council officers are held.  Following the election, each fourth through sixth grade classroom also elects two students to serve on the student council, as class representatives. Student Council officers work together with classroom representatives, and staff advisers to learn leadership, responsible decision-making, and the importance of effective communication.