Welcome to the Kellogg Middle School Drug and Alcohol Intervention and Prevention Resource Page!


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Drug & Alcohol Counselor: Coquille Johnson LMHC, ATR

Ms. Johnson is here to support students who are anonymously referred by: administration; teachers; counselors; parents or peers. She provides individual, family, group and school-wide education and support around issues of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Students are welcome to see the drug and alcohol counselor for issues regarding substance use, concern about a friend or family member or any other issues they may be facing at school, home or in the community. Parents are encouraged to contact Ms. Johnson regarding questions they have about substance use, or if they need assistance locating resources in the community. She also meets with students who have had discipline referrals relating to drugs, alcohol or tobacco and students who are currently attending or returning to school from treatment.

Her office is located in the counseling hall and she is available for meetings without an appointment.

Phone: 206.393.4794

E-mail: coquille.johnson@shorelineschools.org

Office Hours: Wednesdays and Thursdays