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"There is absolutely no research correlation between success and family background, race, national origin, financial status or IQ. There is but one correlation with success, and that is ATTITUDE."

(The First Days of School by Harry Wong)

Help yourself be successful:

1.    Get to class on time and be an active participant every day. Listen, contribute, ask questions, make connections.
2.    Be respectful to yourself, to me and to other classmates.
3.    Be prepared. Bring your work, your books, your laptop.
4.    Use a calendar system like Google calendar to organize your assignments. Use the class website.
5.    Plan ahead. Force yourself not to procrastinate.
6.    Read the directions for assignments and ask for clarification. Use the class website.
7.    Use Team Tutorial to meet with teachers or get ahead.
8.    Choose a note-taking strategy for every class. Keep notes and review them weekly or daily.
9.    Challenge yourself. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
10.  READ- As much as you can. Always have a reading book with you.


A little about me:

I have been teaching for 24 years. I have a BA in English and an MA in Curriculum Development with an emphasis on Creative Arts. My joy in teaching is seeing students begin to believe in themselves and to see themselves as life long learners. I love reading, puzzles, movies and scrapbooking.

Quote Extra Credit (Standard Classes Only):

Please see the Canvas page for extra credit.