Welcome to Mrs. Hertzberg's
Third Grade 
We are approaching the winter holidays and have already done so many things together.  Learning is hard work,
Thank you to all of our parents, grandparents, Watch Dogs and community volunteers who have made this year so successful.  Your time and work is so critical to the success of these wonderful kids!  
I believe it is very important for families to be an active part in their child's education, so I welcome all questions, concerns, celebrations and visits.   Please do not hesitate to contact me.   
The very best way to reach me is through email at 
I am with the kids all day, so I often do not get emails until after school.  
If you have an urgent message
it is best to call the Parkwood Elementary office at
Reading / Math Facts / Homework Expectations 
Please remember that your children are expected to read for 20 minutes a night and practice math facts for 10 minutes a night.   Parents, please sign the pink calendar every night with your initials to show that your child has read and done their math facts. We look at their calendars every morning when they first come in. It is wonderful for the kids to start off the day knowing they were successful at getting your signature.   Their weekly homework packet is due on Friday morning. 
If for any reason, your child can not do their reading, math facts or homework, please send me a note the following morning.  If homework is taking too long, is too difficult, or if you have any questions let me know so we can work together to make sure your child is successful.  
The kids are doing great.  Ask them to show you the trick 
to multiply by 9!   
   Need help to practice 
Click on the LINKS section on the left for lots of math practice sites.
3rd Grade Skill Builders Reading and Writing
Click on   Interactive Skill Builders for 3rd Graders
Click on  Numbers and Operations
Click on    Multiplication
There are oodles of games. My personal favorites are Ghost Busters (multiples of 10 - you gotta be fast!),
Balloon Pop, or Hotel 6
Math Facts Cafe- this site that lets you build your own math sheets and play games.
There are lots more great sites.  
Hi Everyone,  I am Blackberry and I just came cruising past to say
"THANK YOU" to all the third graders at Parkwood Elementary who are busy learning about my family and I.  Thank you to everyone who is trying to keep my home in Puget Sound, clean and safe.  
You are all an important part of the Pod Squad!  
Parents and Families -
Please help your kids complete their Killer Whale Tales homework.  I hope that t reminds everyone that kids (and adults too) can make a difference in their world if they each do a little bit to be responsible for recycling, reusing and being good stewards of their environment.  
Blackberry will also click, squeak, and whistle his thanks to Jeff Hogan, who visited our school in November and taught our students about those magnificent resident orcas who share the local environment with us.  We have such cool neighbors! 
Your children are just finishing up narrative stories.  They are pretending to be orcas and they are writing about their adventures from the point of view of the orcas.   
For more information about orcas visit
Everybody put your pectoral fins together for
The Pod Squad Swims Again!

 My Summer Vacation To The San Diego Zoo

Here I am with my family at the San Diego Zoo.  We met the cheetah and her "best friend forever" the yellow lab. Believe it or not, they live together 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!   When the trainer throws a ball, naturally the cheetah gets it first.  She is so fast.  Then, the dog takes the ball and returns  it to the trainer.  It is very cool! 


Here's A Bit Of Information About Me

I was very lucky when I was little, because I grew up in a big wonderful family in a beautiful area filled with lakes, and trees, and lots of places to enjoy being a kid.  My family had a farm 2 hours north of Toronto, Canada.   I started teaching in Toronto in an inner city school.    My first class had 42 second graders, many of whom spoke Italian.  I didn't !   It was an adventure. 

After traveling around the world, and visiting schools throughout the South Pacific, I moved to Oakland, California where I met my husband Jerry.  We have been married for over 30 years, and we have lived in the Seattle area for the last 25 years.   I live in Kirkland, with my family, and 2 cats, Lola and Mikey.  You can probably tell that I love animals, and I have a very deep respect for the natural world.  I love teaching children how important it is to take care of our environment, and how everything in our natural world is connected to everything else. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading great books, talking on the phone to my family in Canada, doing photography, gardening, and learning new things about everything I can. 

I have taught at Parkwood for 14 years, and I think this is the very best school that I have ever taught in.  Actually, an excellent source has told me that it is the best school in the entire universe!  I love learning about all the wonderful things the children at Parkwood teach me about their different cultures.  So many of our students are lucky enough to speak two or more languages!  My favorite things to teach are math, reading, and science. I love teaching children to take on the mysteries of math and to discover how much fun it is to use their thinking skills to figure out its patterns. Everything in math is a pattern you know!  I like to see my students make lots of mistakes when they are learning.  That tells me that they are trying new things.  I believe that the best way to learn is to work hard, make mistakes,and to never quit working at learning. I look forward to meeting every new group of students in September, because soon we will all be friends and will learn from each other.

I love teaching and believe that being around children is a great honor.   Thank you for the privilege of spending this year with all of these wonderful third graders!

Dianne and Mikey play Lion King 3.jpg

Mikey and I are playing Lion King.   He really seems to be enjoying it!

The More You Read .... The Better You Read!
The Better You Read ... The More You Know.
The More You Know ... The Stronger Your Voice
When Speaking Your Mind ... Or Making Your Choice!
    Keep Reading!
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H U G     T H E     E A R T H