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Third Grade Rocks!
Welcome To Our Classroom

    Hi, everybody!  We are having a fabulous time in class because 3rd grade rocks!  The book, "Everybody Needs A Rock", has inspired us to collect our own rocks for Rooms 7 & 11 - our blended team.   We then put all of the rocks, with our initials, in a jar that will be at the front of the class all year long.  It represents all of us coming together to create a brilliantly helpful team! 

    This coincides with our first unit in Science - Rocks & Minerals. Our class has observed and looked at the properties of rocks:  color, density, hardness, luster, layers, texture, smell, transparency, & shape.  We are learning that rocks have properties and that they are aggregates of minerals.  Also, the properties of rocks and minerals determine how they are used.  Rocks may also contain some organic matter such as plants!

    In math we began studying place value that includes ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands up to the millions.  Here is a chant that we have been practicing:

         Every number has it's place.

         Each one has it's correct space.

         If you put them anywhere.

         I am going to have gray hair.

                   One's place.                       That's right!

                   Ten's place.                       That's right!

                   Hundred's comes next.      Comma!

        Mathmeticians think in 3's.

        Ones, tens, hundreds, comma, please!

        Papa, mama, baby too!

        Three in a family will do!

                 Thousands.                         That's right!

                  Ten thousands.                   That's right!

                 Hundred thousands.             Comma!

        Here's a challenge if you dare.

        Bigger numbers everywhere.

        Passed the thousands, here we go.

        On to millions!  Oh, no!

                  Millions.                                That's right!

                   Ten millions.                         That's right!

                   Hundred millions.                 Comma!

After place value, we will be working with double, triple, and quadruple digit addition and subtraction.  Then we will focus on multiplication, division, and fractions.  For geometry, we are known as the four-sided shape masters!  We will study kites, trapezoids, rectangles, rhombus, squares, and parallelograms.  Students will be able to measure to the quarter inch as well as to the centimeter.  We study both the American Standard System of measurement and the Metric System.

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                                                                     Miss Kristin Mesler

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