Welcome to the Title/LAP (Learning Assistance Program) at Parkwood Elementary! 

We believe that our success is based on a strong commitment between parents, students and teaching staff.  The program established for the 2014/2015 school year includes reading support in grades K-6 and math support in grades 5 and 6.  Instruction is provided during the reading blocks, in pull out groups, and in the classroom.  Title/LAP instruction is a supplemental program provided for students who are chosen based on academic need.   A student’s needs are diagnosed by selection and pretests, formal and informal diagnosis and teacher judgment. The students are instructed by certified teachers or by instructional assistants under the supervision of a teacher.  All of the staff at Parkwood has met the criteria to be highly qualified.

The Parkwood Title/LAP staff includes: 
Margaret Spencer, Teacher      
Instructional Assistants:  Marianna Salvador, Karen Miner, Carolyn Kanuch, Sue Small and Theresa Daumit

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