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Classroom Philosophy
In Room 8 we continually strive to provide a dynamic, stimulating learning environment that is developmentally appropriate and honors each child's specific needs with the overall goal of building a nurturing community of lifelong learners.

To achieve this goal we fill our days with a wide variety of learning opportunities and activities including: dramatic play, singing, music, movement, science projects and experiments, building toys, watercolor, finger and tempura painting, writing and drawing practice, sensory play, cultural celebrations, letter and sound learning, puzzles, social and emotional coaching, counting, sorting, sequencing and classifying tasks, classroom sharing, cooking, sewing, gluing and cutting projects, library time, language learning, outdoor exploration, learning and play, field trips, guest speakers, building, constructing and creating with a wide variety of materials such as paints, clay, fabric, paper and wood.

We invite you to come join the fun!
We love to play outside and explore nature!
We love to sing!

Check out what out what we grew in our garden!

 Our days are filled with creativity,

Learning together...
and of course playing together!

Teachers Willow and Erin

Room 8 Teacher Profiles
Erin Dragovich, Lead Teacher
Greetings!  I began teaching at The Children's Center in 2003 and I love working in such a vibrant environment with so many fantastic children and their families.  My family and I have really enjoyed helping to build the outdoor learning environments here at the center as well as volunteering at the PTA events and Family Forum nights. I believe in nurturing the idea that we are all learning together and that it is a great privilege to be a part of that process.  My favorite part of the day at preschool is when the children share their stories (and their knowledge!) with us.

Willow Kelly
, Assistant Teacher
I joined the teaching staff here at the Center in 2007 when my son Miles began attending preschool here. As an early childhood educator, I was so thrilled to find a school that had so many diverse learning opportunities! I am active on the Family Friendly committee and also helped to initiate the Pennies For Peace drive this year. I, too feel very lucky to be a part of your child's education and especially enjoy participating in their "lightbulb moments" of wonder and pride in learning something new.
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