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M-W-F  P.M.

 Kindergarten Enrollment Begins February 2, 2017
Children must turn five years old on or before August 31, 2017 to be eligible for kindergarten.

 Parent Readers:

Parents are invited to read to our class. Turnout so far has been terrific! If you would like to read to our class, please call Jo to schedule time. ( 206 393-1805 )


Balancing in the Gym





 Scholastic Book Club Orders:

You may go to to order. Please use our classroom's code, L7FVT. Next book order due : March 16th

Box Tops:
Each box top is worth 10¢ for our school. When your sheet is full, return it to our classroom. They will receive a prize, a sticker or toy from the PTA.

No School

Mid Winter Break   February 20 - 24

Monday March 6th

Monday April 3rd

Spring Break    April 17 -21

Memorial Day   Monday May 29th

"Handwriting Without Tears"
IMG_7982_2.jpeg     IMG_2347.JPG
We use a curriculum called "Handwriting without Tears."
During the year we will build Mat Man on the floor with wood pieces and draw a picture of him.
We will make numbers and capitals with chalk and play-dough. Music and songs will help us develop early math and rhyming.
We will be learning shapes and letters at the same time.
Each week we will highlight a letter.
We also read stories, create crafts to support the sound, make the letter shape with our bodies, and more.

Sound of the week letters:
February 27th - R r

March 6th - S s

March 13th - T t

March 20th - U u

March 27th - V v

April 4th - W w

 Wish List:
*Used brides maids shoes for dress - up
*Broken cameras, cell phones, lap tops, or tablets for office play
*Wooden spoons
*Small address books or notepads
*Bird magazines


Birthdays are special occasions and each child will be recognized unless requested otherwise.
If you would like to do so, please check with us and let us know ahead of time. Some fun snack ideas are:

*Mini cupcakes
*Mini muffins
*Rice Krispie Treats
*Sometimes it is fun to just hand out stickers!

Popcorn Birthday Parties
The PTA will do a popcorn party for your child for a small fee.
Popcorn parties are available on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.
Fill out a form and turn it in with a check to the office 7 days before the date of the party.
We have the forms in the room or there are some in the office.
Cost is 0 -10 Children $10.00, 11 - 20 children $15.00 and 21 - 30+ is $20.00.