Welcome to Room 16!!

Flexible Preschool    8:45am - 4:45pm

Room 16 has a Montessori focus.  It is a mixture of traditional preschool, Montessori learning materials and methods, and a bit of Reggio, which focuses on student lead learning.

The lead teacher, Nancy Short, has 40+ years experience as an educator.  She spent many of those years in the private sector teaching for a local Montessori school.  Her experience started in preschool and as the years and degrees progressed, she taught in the grade school, the junior high, and the high school.  Teaching in Room 16 has brought her back to her roots, preschool! Nancy has taught at the Children's Center for five years.

Nancy's interests include her grandchildren (7 so far), sailing, and gardening.  From 2012 to 2015, she was the Community Garden Coordinator for the City of Shoreline, overseeing the Food Bank Garden at Twin Ponds Park.  In 2015, Nancy and her team grew 4000 lbs of fresh, organic produce for Hopelink Foodbank here in Shoreline.  That total was the second highest total of all foodbank gardens in the greater Seattle region.

Using the Montessori model, Room 16's focus is "Be a learner".  Phonetics is taught for reading.  The sound the letter makes leads students to beginning reading of three letter, phonetic words.  The weekly lessons will be shared at Listening Time and also worked on with each individual student. Math is a combination of the Montessori method and materials and the Children's Center Program, Math Connects.

Geography based learning also makes up much of Room 16's focus.  In Sept, we introduce the Earth, the land and water features on Earth, and the names of the continents.  From there, we go on a trip around the Earth, learning many interesting facts about each continent.  

Gardening, a passion for Nancy, happens every week in Room 16.  We have three vegetable garden beds and take care of 13 fruit trees in our orchard.  

Add in many other units of study such as artists, literature units, science, holidays, arts and crafts, music, PE, library, and a good dose of fun, and Room 16 is "Where The Adventure Begins".


We are glad you are here.

Nancy, Jodee, and Wannie