Welcome to Room 10’s Website

Here in Room 10, students will learn the skills needed to succeed in school both academically and socially. My students will learn to read social cues and understand each other through perspective taking. Empathy will be modeled and encouraged. I strive to ensure my students feel safe, comfortable and valued.

I believe that knowledge is gained through our senses and challenge myself to plan activities around all five. Children learn by touching, tasting, seeing, hearing and smelling. We need to create strong sensory memories in young children to help them understand their lessons. Learning can’t be taught sitting all day, we dance, we sing, we cook and we create!

I feel that all children should have a chance to succeed in school. I will help my class set goals, work as a team and motivate themselves and others. I believe in creating a risk free learning environment. Children’s questions, comments and answers will be treated with respect. I also believe that children learn best through play. When children play, they are working. Collaborating, negotiating, adapting, modifying, engaging with other in conversations -- all the things we want to see in our structured learning time are being piloted during free play.

As an active community member, I appreciate and celebrate the culturally diverse city which I am proud to call my home. Living and working in the same area has helped me to form and maintain close bonds with the families I meet. As both a parent and school district employee, I feel a strong sense of ownership and pride in our local schools. My class may be a young child’s first school experience. Creating a positive learning environment in preschool is a very important first step on the long road of education.

Lastly, I believe the role of a teacher is to be an inspirer. Learning occurs all around us. Humans are naturally curious and we live in a world full of answers, we just need to know how to look for them. To my students, I say “Let’s find out” instead of “I don’t know.” I can’t wait to see what we will achieve together!

Sincerely, Kathleen Fleming