Welcome to Ms. Bengtson's Geometry Class Website


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Welcome to my Geometry Class website


Per 2 & Per 4:  Link to Geometry Google Classroom 

Homework is posted on the date it is due

To download homework assignments: Click on the assignment (on the calendar), then click on "description."This will link you to our Google Classroom site where documents can be downloaded.

Google Calendar for Periods 2 and 4:

 Link to Google Classroom for Period 3

Google Calendar for Period 3:


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Notes -  If you miss class, it is your responsibility to copy class notes into your own notebook (glueing a copy of notes in your notebook will not count as credit for your notebook grade). 

Contact Teacher - Click here to send me an email.  You can also email me at rebecca.bengtson@shorelineschools.org. Phone calls can be arranged best through initial email contact.