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Brenda Krusemark
Room M337
Email: brenda.krusemark@shorelineschools.org

Teacher of AVID, Integrated Physical Science, Chemistry

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USE CHEM HW link to get directions to access e-text.

 How to navigate this site:

Documents--Most class handouts will be located here for you to download, including Academic Plans, the Safety Contract, supply list, and lab guidelines and instructions.

Homework--Click on the appropriate class name to find all assignments, activities, and assessments.  It is the student's responsibility to make up all work missed due to any absence - sickness, field trip, etc.  

Grades--Our first official grade update is the end of September.  Please check back periodically this month as we move closer to this upgrade.  In the meantime, student grades will not be published on-line, but check your student’s planner for a clear sense of the work that is ongoing, and when things are due.

Grades will be updated regularly, starting Sept 30th.  If an assignment is missing, please check with the student first and then have them search the "No Name" basket, BEFORE contacting the teacher.