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In order to simplify things for students, all class information can be found by going to the Canvas system.  

This includes the following items:

Class Calendar (Assignment and Test due dates)

Lesson Descriptions

Tutorial Videos

Homework Assignments/ Past Assignments


I have tried to make it so that EVERYTHING each student needs to be successful can be found in one location, on Canvas.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to send me a message at!


Mr. Allen

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Period Course
1st  UW Pre Calculus
2nd AP Computer Science A
3rd  Algebra 1
4th  Algebra 1
Lunch  Available for Help on Even "E" Days
5th UW Pre Calculus
6th  (No class, prep period)
After School Football (Fall)

A little about me

washingtonstate.jpgAfter growing up in San Jose, CA I attended Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO) where I played collegiate rugby and earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  After working in business/ marketing and IT in both Colorado and Washington, I chose to pursue the main aspects of my jobs that I thoroughly enjoyed: mathematics and helping others make strides towards their goals.  In order to make this change, I earned my second Bachelor of Science from Washington State University, this time in Mathematics, and began my teaching career.  Through teaching, coaching, and university training I have worked at schools in Thinker.pngClarkston (WA), Colton (WA), Fort Collins (CO), Kirkland (WA), Pullman (WA) and have now been working exclusively in the Shoreline School District since 2009.  In 2014 I earned my National Board Certification in Mathematics Education.

The ability to think logically, solve new problems, and troubleshoot problems were what allowed me to be successful in my marketing/ IT career and provided me with many opportunities to advance. It's those skills (and not necessarily the ability to graph a parabola or solve a rational equation) that I feel can be uniquely fostered and developed in mathematics and computer science courses.  This is what excites me about coloradost.jpgteaching and I think that if you come to class with the desire to fine-tune your critical thinking skills you will do great things in our class!

In my free time I enjoy exercising, backpacking, and playing ice hockey.  I also enjoy reading, reading about applied math, applying math in fun ways (like helping to win fantasy football leagues or building things like cabinets and sheds), and of course spending time with my family.  My family includes my wife Stephanie (Shorewood class of 2001), my daughter (Siobhan), our dog (Adelaide) and cat (Thomas).

Go Scots!   Go Cougs!    Go Rams!