Welcome to the Lacrosse Club!

The Lacrosse Club was formed in the 2010-2011 school year at Shorecrest High School. Members of the club who are responsible for the club's existence are students who play for Shorecrest Lacrosse, a community youth lacrosse organization. It is not necessary to play lacrosse to be a member of the Lacrosse Club. Any students who want to join the club are welcome! Commitment and attendance of club meetings are necessary for the club to maintain status as a school club.

The purpose of the Lacrosse Club is to involve members in general discussion and overall interest of lacrosse. Members can use their club to review games, watch training videos or game coverage, educate new members on the game of lacrosse, and discuss fund-raising opportunities that help serve approved club needs. An all-purpose and on-going goal of exposure of the club and recruitment of members and players is a standard interest of Lacrosse Club members.   

SC Staff Advisor:  Kathy Elwell