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I am the instructor for the Prepare program.  The Prepare program is a program which helps students increase skills in the following areas self advocacy, academic accountability, self -awareness, social skills and goal setting.  My schedule is first period social skills,second period study skills, third period conference, forth period referral fifth period social skills, sixth period study skills.  The title of the class does not wholly denote all the curricular ares taught as some students may need a combination of social skills and writing instruction which can be individualized as a student IEP program may indicate.

You can access student grades using the following link to  Family/Student Access:
locate student grades on Data Dashboard.  Your student will bring home information on how to access this website.

About me

 I have been teaching special education for many years all in the Shoreline school district, most of those years here at Shorecrest High school. I am happy to help with any issues that may come up during your students educational experience here at Shorecrest.

I have taught all student populations who qualify for special education in most skill areas. I have a passion for teaching skills related to becoming an independent  adult  which means reading, writing, math in the academic areas, work and independent living skills, social skills, self awareness, self advocacy skills as well as goal setting.
My belief is that all students learn and grow best with a positive team approach which includes our students, parents and the educational team working toward agreed upon goals. 
I am easily reached by E-mail or feel free to give me a call 206 393-6221 or leave a message with the main office 206 393-4282.  I am generally able to answer calls during my conference time which is 2rd period. :)