Le site de Mademoiselle Whitt

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Le prof de français à Shorecrest High School
email:  elizabeth.whitt@shorelineschools.org
2015-2016 schedule: 
                            Period 1: Français 3         (O day 7:50 - 9:30) 
                            Period 2: Français 4/AP    (E day 7:50 - 9:30)
                            Periode 3:  prep                                  
                            Period 4: Français 2          (E day 10:30 - 12:10)
                            Period 5: Français 3          (O day 12:55 - 2:35)

                            Period 6: Français 2          (E day 12:55 - 2:35) 



Clé du site / site key :

Accueil / home :  
This is where you are currently, my home page where you can find information about me/my classes as well as the site key.
Annonce / announcements 
This is where I will post important pressing information and reminders.  I will often refer you to this page at the end of class time
Lienslinks :
This is Where you can find links to useful websites to help facilitate your study of French. 
You will also be able to find links to the French music videos/ other clips that we watch in class.
Documents : 
This is where I will post any documents that are suggested for class use.
Devoirs / homework : 
 This is where you can find extra copies of the homework.  
* Homework will be categorized by your level of French.  If you sort by category you will be able to find your assignments very quickly
Power points:
This is where I link to a downloadable copy of my power point presentations from class.  The powerpoints are listed by date they were given, and each powerpoint contains the lesson of all of the classes taught that day.  (1st period, 3rd period and 5th period are together, 2nd period and 4th period are together. )
* to find the correct power point for your level of French refer to the following color coding: French 1 = Blue, French 2 = white, French 3 = red, French 4/AP = green
Les vidéos:
This is where you can find useful videos from class.