math_club_logo.pngWELCOME TO THE

  -2013 STAFF-

ADVISORS :: Mr. Gallagher & Mr. Martinez

PRESIDENT :: Zachary Hartje
VICE PRESIDENT :: Silviu Gruber

SECRETARY :: Erik Skamser, Erik Fussel

Who we are:
     The Shorecrest Math Club meets Wednesday at lunch in Mr.Martinez's room, B4. During our weekly meetings we share math tricks and tips, practice for math competitions, play math games, and share math-related opportunities. We welcome students of all levels of math, and it doesn't matter if you're "not good at math" or are an underclassman. If you like math, you're welcome to join us! All the math competitions we go to have categories for different skill levels and/or grade, don't feel intimidated to go to competitions. Competitions are a lot of fun, and we encourage you to go - you don't have to be part of the math team to compete.
      Participating in the weekly math team meetings will waive your math tutoring requirment for the honors packet or Precalc. Going to a competition will waive a semester's worth of tutoring for Calculus. If you are not in Precalc or Calculus, most teachers offer extra credit.