Apex Online Learning and SVL

Shoreline Schools currently offers two types of online learning. Enrollment is arranged through guidance counselors, and student progress is monitored by the Online Learning Specialist.

Apex Online Learning
Apex courses are for students who need to recover credit from failed classes in order to help meet graduation requirements. Students may earn up to 1.5 credits (3 courses) in this internet-based program. Because access to Apex Learning is 24/7, students are encouraged to work at home, the library, or wherever they can go online.

Shoreline Virtual Learning (SVL)
This program includes fee-based, initial credit courses that are held each semester and during the summer. Visit the district's SVL website for a course catalog, registration form, and other SVL details.

7th Period Students
The attendance policy for 7th period Apex requires students to work on their course in the Apex classroom at least 60 minutes per week. Various days and times are offered during lunch, HH, and after school.  Stop by Room 170 for details. This attendance requirement repeats weekly until the course is completed.  

 Shorecrest Online Learning Specialist - Cathy Auriemma