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Documents - Some of the worksheets used in class.  If a worksheet is not available, please pick up an extra copy in class.  My academic plans can also be found here.

Grades - This will link you to the Data Dashboard system.  I usually update grades every day.

Homework - Daily assignment postings.  Any missing assignments can be turned in before the next test for half "Homework Effort" credit.  Look under the "Announcements" section for upcoming test dates.

Links -  Links that you may find helpful.

Contact the Teacher - Click here to send me an email.  Parents can email me at sarah.walsh@shorelineschools.org or call me after 2:45pm at (206)393-6237 if you have any questions or concerns.  Students can email me from your school email account at sarah.walsh@shorelineschools.org if you are not attaching anything, or sarah.walsh@k12.shorelineschools.org if you are emailing me attachments to turn in.