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Shorecrest High School
Associated Student Body (ASB)
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Activity Coordinator:
-Johanna Phillips-

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Student Council: Here is the link to the Student Council Google Drive Folder that contains all Student Council Minutes: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7fqnJUGgymASE5RUEZNZVZCNTg 




ASB goal for 2016-17 building community by serving students.

Student government is an essential part of Shorecrest High School. Student concerns are voiced through elected ASB officers, class senators, homeroom representatives, and forums. Anyone wanting to run for an ASB office or senator must first declare candidacy to the Activity Coordinator and receive the rules and guidelines (this happens in March and April). Other positions are by application: Justices (who run our elections and class competitions), Site Council Representatives (serve as ASB reps. on the Site Council) and School Board Representative are also important members of ASB and have special roles in fostering student government and democratic participation.

All elected officers except freshmen senators are required to enroll in leadership class while in office. Homeroom representatives are selected at the beginning of each semester during second period classes. Students can also get involved in student government by joining school wide committees. Contact an ASB officer or Mrs. Phillips for other ways to get involved with Student Government.

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ASB Officers
President: Nathan Nzanga

Vice President: Abby Seliga

Secretary: Annika Simpson

Treasurer: Alaiyi Lawson

Advisor: Johanna Phillips


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Class of 2017
Evan Deiparine
Macualey Franks Marlena Rooney-Wilcox
Keira Tolbert
 Advisors: Leann Rozeman & Matt Gallagher

Class of 2018
Luke Busby Olivia Crum Shelby Gresch
Eddie Peabody

Advisors: Jerica Reyes-Jech &  Brett Vlahovich



Class of 2019
Yemisi Bolonduro
Torin Coffee
Jane Hailmariam
Cate Villaruz
Advisors: Veronica Cook & Steve Hirsch
Class of 2020
Miki Demeke
Christina Kassa
Satchel McKee
Esther Ziliak
Advisors: Lacy Clack & Josh Whitling

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Each class is represented by 2 justices that oversee elections and uphold the SC Constitution.  Justices are appointed their freshmen year and serve a 4-year term.  Students interested in serving as a class justice should see the Activity Coordinator in the fall of their freshmen year. In the 2015-2016 schoolyear, applications are available Sept 15 at the mandatory informational meeting in M139 and due Sept 21 to Mrs. Phillips. If you have questions about this position, contact Mrs. Phillips or any of the justices. 

Chief Justice:
Kate Wiper
Junior Justices: 
Ronna Iverson
Izzy Davis

Sophomore Justices:

Advisor:  Johanna Phillips




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School Board Representative
Every spring a student is selected from Shorecrest and Shorewood High School to represent students on the Shoreline District Board of Directors.  Students must be enrolled in at least four classes, be a senior the year they will serve, and maintain at least a 2.5 GPA.  Students serve a one-year term and share the responsibilities with Shorewood trading off by semester.  Students who are interested in applying should contact the Activity Coordinator or current representative in the spring prior to their senior year.

The School Board Representative is always seeking student input as to concerns and comments about issues that fall under School Board jurisdiction especially: technology, budget, classroom size, Board policies, etc.

School Board Student Representative
Owen Leupold

Advisor:  Johanna Phillips

Site Council A.S.B. Representatives

Shorecrest A.S.B. has three student representatives to represent students on the Shorecrest Site Council.  Students must be enrolled in at least four classes and maintain at least a 2.5 GPA.  Students serve a three-year term and attend monthly meetings and gather/report student input and feedback. Students who are interested in applying should contact the Activity Coordinator or current representatives in the spring prior to their sophomore year.

Site Council Representatives
Vinay Keefe
Asher Maria Emory Hoelscher-Hull

Advisor: Johanna Philips
(Guest Starring Owen Leupold and Ballooney the blue balloon) 

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General costs of operating the school are met by district funds, but student activity expenses are paid by the student body. The expenses for the student body include awards, assemblies, conferences, dances, printing charges, band uniforms, student activities, drama productions, band and orchestras, debate, vocal ensembles, newspaper, yearbook, and athletic equipment for all sports and intramurals. One of the major means of fundraising is the sale of activity cards. The ASB card:

1. Admits you free to all home, regular season games/athletic events.
2. Admits you at reduced price to Shorecrest athletic events held at Shoreline Stadium and to all WESCO League high school athletic events;
3. Admits you at a reduced rate to all dances;
4. Admits you at a reduced rate to most other school activities where a fee is charged.

All students participating in ASB clubs, athletics, or activities must buy an ASB card. Financial assistance is available in exchange for service hours to the school. ASB cards are $40.00 and can be purchased at Denney's window in the Commons.

Returning students should keep their ASB/ID card to use in the first few weeks of the next school year. New ASB/ID cards are issued in the first three weeks of school.

If you lose your ASB card, see Mrs. Phillips. For those of you who did not get an ASB card because you did not have your picture taken on picture day, see Mrs. Phillips. ASB cards will be made every Thursday at lunch in the Activities Office.

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All ASB organizations, including classes, clubs, sports teams, ASB itself, and PTSA, may choose do fundraising to assist students in a wide-variety of activities and opportunities.

To hold a fundraiser you must first fill out and submit a fundraising request form found under the documents page of this website.

Please contact the Activity Coordinator for further information on fundraising in general. Fundraisers are listed on the class, club, or activity website that is sponsoring them.

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Shorecrest offers a wide variety of activities under the direction of the Activity Coordinator (206) 393-4302. Financial assistance is available to help with activity and athletic fees. Please talk to a counselor for information and assistance.

Needs expressed by students which are prohibited by state law and/or school board policy may meet conditionally according to the equal access provision.

See list of clubs here:

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Shorecrest High School Activity Office
15343 25th Ave N.E.
Shoreline, WA 98155
Phone: 206-393-4302
Fax: 206-393-4282

Activity Coordinator:  Johanna Phillips

Main Office Phone: 206-393-4286

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