Shorecrest Counseling Office
Office Hours 7:30-3:30
Main Number 206-393-4296
Fax Number  206-393-6980
CEEB Code 481163

Welcome to the Shorecrest Counseling Center.  Counselors are available to discuss academic achievement, college preparation, post secondary options, and social/emotional support.  Students or families can schedule appointments by emailing, (Counseling Secretary) or by calling (206) 393-4296.  Students can also stop by the Counseling Office before school, lunch, between classes or after school to schedule appointments.

Please note that counselors are normally available on school days from 7:30am-3:30pm; voicemail and email is not being monitored during off hours.  If you are trying to reach a counselor after hours or during holiday breaks, expect a return phone call or email during regular school hours.  If a crisis occurs during off hours and/or you have immediate concerns about a student’s safety, here are resources to turn to:

*Local Emergency Room
*Suicide Prevention Line – 1-800-273-8255
*Crisis Line – 1-800-621-4636 or 206-461-3200
*Teen Link - a teen-answered help line, each evening between 6 -10 pm - 1-866-833-6546 


Counselors              Grade Level/Last Name             Email Address                                              Ext.
Jill Brown                 (9 -12)   A-Flo                                     4300      

Sara McManus        (9 -12)   Fly-Lin  + 9th AVID            4307

Jenny Breed            (9 -12)   Lit-Reh + 10/11 AVID                4318

Wendy Friedman     (9 -12)   Rei-Z  + 12 AVID         4299

Counseling Secretary
Jocelyn Hudson
(206) 393-4296

Emily Cedergreen
(206) 393-4293