Hello there, and welcome to my website.
My website includes a "homework/classwork" link, on which I list activities and assignments for each day of the week. Actual documents or links are listed under the appropriate link. As I tend to update the website on Sunday evenings, it is easy for both students and parents/guardians to check in regularly; I also strongly suggest that students who are absent to do so in order to avoid falling behind. In addition to updating my website, I also go over assignments in class, listing them on the board as well as going over them orally in class and allow students time to write them into their planners, something which Shorecrest strongly encourages as well. To be even more certain of gleaning all information, especially for those who are absent, I strongly recommend that each student select a buddy whom he or she can call or talk to. As courses are held every other day, keeping up is particularly essential. Students are, of course, always welcomed to see me at TAP,during HH, during breaks, or after school. I usually stay at school until 4:30- 5:00. so there is ample time to touch bass.
Students usually have homework at least once a week, which is due at the beginning of the period. If possible, please ask students to print at home to avoid lines/rushing/coming tardy to class or asking to leave class in order to print.

Should you have questions about grades - or about any other aspect of my classroom - please feel free to leave me an email or to call me at 393-4286, extension 6262.

Thank you for taking the time to view my home page.

Toni Nyman
National Board Certified English teacher
Shorecrest High School