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My name is Veronica Cook. I graduated from Central Washington University in 1993 with a degree in Special Education.  I began teaching at Shorewood in 1994.  In 2001, I earned my masters degree from the University of Washington in Severe Disabilities. In 2012, I transferred to Shorecrest.

In my spare time, I am the mother of Colin (born 2003).  He keeps me very busy.  I also am a seating host for the Seattle Mariners (It pays for my addiction to the Mariners), ride my Harley, am a Representative for the Shoreline Education Association, teacher representative on the WASL Accommodations Committee for OSPI, WEA representative on the WAAS workgroup for OSPI (see Associated Press article on the Links page), and am on the board of directors for Children's country home.

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Educational Awards:

1997 Seattle Times Top of the Class Award
1997 Ablenet Inclusion Award
1998 Leaders in Restructuring Award
                                             2006 Ryan White Memorial HIV/AIDS Educator of the Year.                                                                                         2013 WSECU Mariner's Teacher of the week.                                                    

 2014 Autism Speaks Regional Grant Winner   Autism-Speaks-Logo.jpg

Learning & Leadership Grant from The NEA Foundation!

(ca. 460–ca. 377 BCE) said many wise things, but
I here mention only one: “It is better to know the patient
who has the disease than it is to know the disease which the
patient has”