Mission Statement: 

"The vision of the Vocational Experience Program is to provide transition for students with disabilities to the work force through a coordinated program providing experience and the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills while building an understanding of the importance of work and how performance, effort, and decisions directly affect future career and educational opportunities"

What We Strive to Accomplish:

  • Students with diverse needs and abilities will be matched to community-internships based on their interests and skills.
  • The Shoreline Training and Production Center allows students to learn and acquire vocational skills within a classroom setting, easing the transition from school to community based work experience.
  • When a student has shown growth in their vocational skills and work related behaviors at the Production Center, the vocational placement coordinator will find placement in the community to generalize their skills in a less restrictive environment.  Our hope is to have students continue to develop additional skills at their new work site, while establishing good report with colleagues and their supervisors, and gaining feelings of pride and purpose from their employment.
  • The employment community plays a vital role in assisting schools with the development of transferable basic vocational skills.
  • This program would not exist with out the support of our community partners.  Thank you for keeping our classrooms and community strong. 
  • Are you interested in becoming a community partner?  Contact Alyssa Kemp today for more information on mentoring an intern!

Renee Leveque-Wass, STPC Teacher
206.393.4762/ 4761



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