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 UPDATED - 3-30-18

Welcome Everyone! Spring Open Gyms are open to Everyone..

Monday and Wednesdays 7:00-9:00 pm

For 2018 Volleyball Season; First Day of Tryouts are AUGUST 20, 2018.  You must be at tryouts in order to make a team. NO EXCEPTIONS.  

Coming soon: summer camps and open gyms


Summer Home Volleyball Workouts

Warm up for your volleyball workout by jogging for 20 minutes, then stretching your arms, shoulders, hamstrings, hip flexors and ankles (all the muscles you use most during volleyball).

Leg Drills

  • Lunges (Sets/Reps: 3x20)
  • Wall sits (3 sets. First set is 30 seconds, then 45 seconds, then 60 seconds)
  • Jumping Jacks (3x50)

Quick Feet: Jump Rope Series

  • Normal pace jump, 30 seconds
  • Right foot only, 30 seconds
  • Left foot only, 30 seconds
  • Double right, double left, 30 seconds
  • Fast as you can go, 30 seconds

Repeat 3 times with a 1-minute rest between sets.


  • Sit-Ups (3x50)
  • Plank (3 sets. First set is 30 seconds, then 45 seconds, then 60 seconds)

Arm Strength

  • Lateral Dumbbell Raise (3x25)
  • Single-Arm Med Ball Push-Up (3x3-5 each side)

3 minute shoulder warm-up video below done with elastic bands - I highly recommend for shoulder strength and prevention of shoulder injuries. Copy and paste for access.




Head Coach:  Robyn Williams, Ed McKnight
JV Coach:  Merrie Weeks
C-Team Coach: TBD


                           Click on "Contact Me" to send an email to Coach Robyn Williams

                      To see the season schedule, go to the Wescoathletics.com link..