Welcome to Mr. Fisher's homepage.

If you need math help, please see me!  I can be found before and after school in room 3101.


 Message to students who need to take an EOC test in mathematics:

  I have now placed review packets for Algebra 1 and Geometry, in pdf form, in my documents section. 

The answers to the packet can be fund at the end of the packet.


 1 UW Pre Calculus

    2 Conference Period

 3 AP Calculus BC 

   4 UW Pre Calculus 

                        5  UW Pre Calculus                      

              6 UW Pre Calculus            

               My office hours are:            

       Monday   8:50 to 9:40

       Tuesday  7:50 to 9:30

         Thursday  7:50 to 9:30

Office hours will change on days with altered schedules. 

There will be a zero period held each Wednesday in room 3101 from 6:30am to 7:30am to assist AP Calculus BC students.