NOTE:  Please using the following link to access student grades:  http://dashboard.shorelineschools.org/ShorelineStudents/

PLEASE NOTE: This is what Data Dashboard is telling you about your assignments:

  • Blank: it has not been graded yet.
  • "mi" : I have not received your work but will still accept it.
  • 0:  Assignment was not turned in, it is too late to turn it in, or you were absent (unexcused).
  • "ab": You were absent (excused) when the assignment was turned in. Assignment must be turned in within 72 hours of your return to class.
This year I will be teaching English 9, English 11, and English 12.  My schedule is as follows:
Period 1:   English 11
Period 2:   English 12
Period 3:   English 9
Period 4:   English 11
Period 5:   English 9
Period 6:   Planning
This site will be a resource for students and parents to keep updated on homework assignments, grades, and any other information that will be useful and/or necessary for us all to have a successful year.  The site will be updated regularly so be sure to refer to it often.