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Note: I hope that the following information is helpful and answers any questions you might have. If you find that something is not clear to you in the following pages, please contact me through the contact section below. I would love to give further clarification. 

Courses Taught This Year

Algebra 1

Purpose: This course sets the groundwork for the rest of high mathematics.

This Course is Important Because... Not only does this course set up students for later success in math, it also begins preparing students for the national SBAC test, which will be a graduation requirement for most freshmen in high school this year. 

My Personal Goal: That all students in this course continually grow both academically and socially to become competent mathematical thinkers and reasoners. Further, that everyone who takes my course succeeds in their further mathematics endeavors and state/national tests.

 AP Calculus AB

Purpose: This course focuses on ensuring students have calculus exposure prior to college. The main emphasis of instruction will be in preparing students for the AP Calculus exam so that they can have college level math credit going into college.

This Course is Important Because... For those who are interested in pursuing mathematics in college, this course will allow access to higher level mathematics courses more quickly. For those students wanting to go into non-math intensive courses, this class has the potential to complete a college-level math requirement.

My Personal Goal: That all students in my class get a 4 or a 5 on the AP Calculus exam, which would give them college credit toward their future college goals.