Dear Parents and Students,


This is my first year at Shorewood High School in the Shoreline School District. Previously, I worked at Nova High School and Seattle World School in Seattle as a Special Education teacher for two years. Before my service as a special education teacher, I worked primarily as an ELL and English teacher in Los Angeles for several years. I also taught some other subjects as a multiple subject endorsed teacher. I specialized in assisting students with higher needs in the general education setting.Currently, I am teaching Study Skills and Functional English. 

Study Skills is a class that primarily focuses on building executive function skills such as organization, planning and reflecting on work. A daily lesson incorporates study skills techniques such as note-taking, reading for the main idea, developing vocabulary, breaking down tasks, developing learning goals, and etcetera. I will continue to update my website throughout the year with the resources we are using in class, so that they may be emphasized at home. Students have time every day to work on school assignments with the assistance of both Sherry Edwards and I. Students are often grouped with others who share their class work. They are also monitored and assisted with their IEP goals. 

Functional English is a class that primarily focuses on developing a student's ability to function within a job, within their community and with daily living tasks. Students work within a reading group that focuses on developing sight Dolce words, functional vocabulary (such as reading signs within the community), reading comprehension (predicting, answering the 5Ws) and communication. Then students work with the whole class on writing goals and independently with functional IEP goals such as address and phone number recall and phonics. We use the High Point Basics books that are specially developed to reach students within a Functional English setting. Students receive weekly focus vocabulary that they incorporate into their bi-weekly writing assignment. Vocabulary is discussed and practiced throughout the two week lesson rotation. A list of key vocabulary will be included on the website with examples of how they can be used at home.

If there are any questions regarding classwork or IEP goals, please feel free to contact me.


Ariel Hernandez

Education Specialist