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Stacey Carr

  • 18 years teaching in Directed Studies at Shorewood HS
  • National board Certified teacher since 2011
  • Passion for reading and teaching reading and writing
English Read 180 Skills 
30 min    Whole group direct instruction for Reading Fluency and Decoding improvement
20 min    Read 180 computer software lexile modules
20 min    teacher-guided book club/reading fluency & Vocabulary
20 min    Small group or 1:1 instruction on writing or identified reading needs
10 min    Class break/transition to stations

Grades posted for 1st and 3rd period will also be the current grade for 2nd and 4th
(as this is a block class)

Study Skills  & Math Support(5th period)
5   min Dashboard log-in / Record Weekly Planner entry / Organize School Bag & materials
20 min  Direct Instruction on Time Management/ Organization/ Reading, Writing, Speaking strategies in the general education course

25min  Instructional help on General Education courses- homework and studying strategies
Switch to Math support & Math Support switch to Study skils