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 SIOP US History 2015-16

Week of October 12-15, 2015

Monday October 12, 2015

Purpose: To analyze another perspective on Columbus by watching film and taking notes, then deciding what to write for your textbook paragrahs.

Announcements:  Data Dashboard crashed last week. You may need to re-enter some information to get back up onto DD.

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, return graded work
2. Columbus Day- what about Columbus? Take notes on video and discuss

Find one article on the internet about Columbus Day. Read it and note the website source for class discussion tomorrow. DO NOT WRITE THE TWO PARAGRAPHS YET- we are not yet done with the video.


Week of October 5-8, 2015

Monday October 5, 2015

Purpose: To analyze ways in which Americans have and have not lived up to the 5 Ideals, in history and today, by writing the sentence frame essay. Also, to understand where Native Americans lived prior to European contact by doing Atlas work.

Announcements:  SIT WITH YOUR PARTNER FROM 5 IDEALS ACTIVITY. Also- this is HC week- dress up days-
Tuesday:  Denim Day.

Wednesday:  Hawaiian Tourist Day.
Thursday:  Panic Patterns Day (wear stripes, floral, tie-dye, polka dots – all at the same time).
Friday 12:45 p.m. Assembly: Class color Day (freshman – green sophomores – royal blue, juniors – neon yellow, seniors – neon pink)

In Class:
1. HW and agenda, turn in HW maps
2. Founding Ideals- finish 5 Ideals essay

1. Finish 5 Ideals essay, if needed. Due Tuesday, start of class!!!!!


Tuesday October 6, 2015

Purpose: To understand how Native Americans came to North America, where Native Americans lived in the Americas prior to European contact, and what trade in West Africa was like before the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade by reading maps and text and filling in Atlas information.

Announcements:  Open House is THIS Thursday October 8th- invite your family!

In Class:
1. HW and agenda, turn in 5 Ideals essay!
2. KWL in History Notebook- Native Americans in North America- what do you know, what do you want to know?
3. Atlas work- The Long Journey to America, Native Americans before Europeans and West African Trade before the TransAtlantic Slave Trade- Discuss!

1. Complete Question 1 from Ms. M’s handout “NATIVE AMERICANS BEFORE EUROPEAN CONTACT.” Due Thursday.


Thursday October 8, 2015

Purpose: To analyze ways that Columbus and Native Americans have been shown in different sources by examining several texts and a video and taking notes/discussion.

Announcements:  Open House is tonight!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, stamp Question #1 from hw
2. Finish Atlas- the Long Journey- check it
3. VOCAB- Myth and Reality, Expansionist, Imperialism,  texts and start video clip- Columbus and Native Americans- what happened?


Week of September 29-October 1, 2015

Monday September 28, 2015    Non-Student Teacher Workday

Tuesday September 29, 2015

Purpose: To analyze ways in which the 5 American Ideals have and have not been upheld by Americans throughout American History.

Announcements:  Today you will write an essay on the American Ideals- hooray!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. American Ideals
a) circle up- 2 sentences your ideal America, from write up (say, don’t read!)
b) stamp and review text boxes and stamp HW from History Notebook- ch.2, review vocab
c) placards activity with partner, then step up and step back
3. Writing the essay!- gettting started

No HW tonight- we will write the essay next class!


Thursday October 1, 2015

Purpose: To practice creating a claim and providing support by writing Sentence Frame Essay on 5 Ideals.

Announcements:  Next week is Homecoming Week! Dress up!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. American Ideals- step up and step back- collect arguments for essay!
3. Essay development- writing your essay- sit with your partner:
a) pre-write activity
b)  consult with your partner, but write your own essay- fill in Sentence Frames for paragraphs 2, 3, 4.

Read TCI- ch. 3 parts 1, 2, 3- complete Handout of Maps and answer questions for parts 2 and 3. Due Monday!

Week of September 21-24, 2015

Monday September 21, 2015  An O Day- no class for us

Tuesday September 15, 2015

Purpose: To understand how your Atlas works and about early America (USA) by filling out Atlas worksheets, and to finish our discussion/mystery person activity for historiography study.

Announcements:  College Night- October 1st- SW theatre at 6:30-7:45 PM.  Prom shop for Homecoming clothes- see the bulletin.

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. Generation Z- what are you all about? Review Vocab so far
3. Finish Mystery Person in Groups- What is History?
4. Atlas Work- how does it work, what is going on in America pre-European Contact?

None :)


Thursday September 24, 2015

Purpose:  To analyze the meaning of the 5 ideals in US History by writing down vocab, reading TCI and taking notes with partner, and participating in movement activity with pictures. This is to prepare you to write a short essay on the 5 ideals!

Announcements:  I will see you in class for a half day tomorrow- Friday!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. 5 Ideals of USA- TCI Ch. 2
a) Vocab- Cognitive Dictionary- 6 terms in your History Notebook
b) survey
c) read TCI ch. 2- work with partner to fill in information- read sections 1 and 2

1. In your History Notebook, write one paragraph on your Ideal America- aside from the word ideal, use at least 4 vocab words we have learned in this class in your answer. Underline each term as you use it. Due Friday 9/25.


Friday September 24, 2015     An A Day Early Dismissal- 25 Minute Classes

Purpose: To further understand the ways that America has and has not lived up to the 5 ideals by reading TCI and filling in boxes about 1776 and today with specific examples from the text.

Announcements:  No school for you on Monday- see you Tuesday!!!!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. Finish TCI- parts 3-4

1. Finish TCI chapter 2 parts 5, 6 and 7- fill in chart as you go, which relates to parts 5 and 6- but read part 7, too! Due Tuesday 9/29. 

Week of September 14-17, 2015

Monday September 14, 2015

Purpose: To think about the role your generation plays in history by participating in activities and to learn to use the class Atlas by filling in 2 worksheets.

Announcements:  Open House is Thursday October 8, 2015 at 7 PM. Invite your parent/guardians! Homecoming week is October 5th-10th this year!

In Class:
1. HW and agenda
2. What is History?
a) define VOCAB TERM IDEAL- explain Vocab system- Marzanno’s Cognitive Dictionary
b) Write down this definition in your history notebook and on your cognitive dictionary sheet— VOCAB: PARADOX
 A paradox is when two ideas seem to contradict/be the opposite of each other, but are both true.
    Look at the bulletin board with the words "ideal" and "real"- talk about it together,         then go to your seat and write in your History Notebook: how do you think the word Paradox applies to the ideas presented here?
3. Your generation activities

1. Due Tuesday 9/15 in your history notebook. Look at the following website, then write one paragraph in your history notebook- does this website accurately show your generation? Include the date and title it My Generation.

Tuesday September 15, 2015

Purpose: To understand what it means to evaluate a source and what role this plays in the study of history by classifying ideas and marking the text on a reading.  

Announcements:  Check out Career Center for SAS and Lunchtime career and college visits! I give extra credit for attending 2 sessions- show me your notes!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. Logistics- how to track assignments in your History Notebook- tape it in
3. Secret activity
4. What is history
a) classification— VOCAB: Paradigm
b) Read What is History together and Mark the Text/Number Paragraphs-
VOCAB- Historical Interpretation, Primary Source, Secondary source, Evidence- show examples- old vs. new newspapers, magazines
d) Read TCI ch. 1- with presentation

1. Complete the Personal History side of the handout from class- List 15 facts about you and your life. THEN, ask someone in your family or in your life (who has known you a long time) to list 5 more facts about you. List that person’s relationship to you, but not his or her name. DUE NEXT CLASS.


Thursday September 17, 2015

Purpose: To understand how history is interpretation by reading textbook and doing mystery person activity, and to get to know your Atlas!

Announcements:  Monday is an Odd day next week, and then Friday of next week is an A early release day! I will see you T, Th, F next week!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. Logistics- fill in History Notebook assignments on cream colored paper
3. What is history?
a) Review Vocab - Historical Interpretation, Primary Source, Secondary source, Evidence
b) read elementary geography book-Primary source and interpretation
c) about YOU
d) finish TCI ch.1
e) Mystery Person Activity

1. Watch the news or listen to the news for 20 minutes. In your History Notebook, write down the SOURCE (where did you get the news), stories they covered and your one paragraph response/your thoughts about the news. Due Tuesday 9/22.

Week of September 9-11, 2015

Wednesday September 9, 2015

Purpose: To learn about each other and Ms. McFarlane by writing down information for Ms. M and talking in a small group/whole class discussion.

Announcements: Look at my website tonight/this afternoon- learn how it works!

In Class:
1.  Welcome, attendance, make your green name card
2. Homework- where to find it, write it down, supplies you need
3. Fill in Confidential Student Information Sheet.
4. About Ms. M

1. Get your supplies by Monday 9/14. See your counselor if you need help with this- they have many FREE supplies!
2. Look at my website tonight- see how it works. Due Thursday 9/10.


Thursday September 10, 2015

Purpose: To share who you are by participating in a small group and large group discussion, and to learn about how this class works by working on scavenger hunt with your elbow partner.

Announcements: If you are thinking about taking the ACT or SAT, talk to Ms. M. Now is the time to sign up for seniors and some juniors.

In Class:
1. SW expectations mini-lesson
2. HW and agenda, planners and how to use them! Start now!
3. Complete yellow index card information- turn in yellow card
4. About YOU! Pod-Quad group activity

1. Course Expectations Signatures due Monday 9/14
2.  Get your supplies by Monday 9/14. See your counselor if you need help with this- they have many FREE supplies!
3. Scavenger Hunt- due Monday 9/14- we will work on it in class on Friday, but needs to be finished by Monday.

 Friday September 11, 2015

Purpose: To understand the expectations for this class by participating in the scavenger hunt, and to begin to learn how your Atlas works by completing a worksheet.

Announcements: Bring all of your supplies for check off on Monday!

In Class:
1. HW and agenda- take out your planner- add important dates for SW and tonight’s hw for US History
2.  Scavenger Hunt and class expectations (hand out)- with elbow partner (15 mins)
3. 9/11- What is History?

1. Course Expectations Signatures due Monday 9/14
2.  Get your supplies by Monday 9/14. See your counselor if you need help with this- they have many FREE supplies!
3. Finish Scavenger Hunt- due Monday 9/14.



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CIVICS: Fall 2015


Monday October 12, 2015    

Purpose: To clarify how hidden agendas and the political spectrum play out in regular and CM Elections by hosting a debate, listening to speeches and voting on your CM government!

Announcements:  Democratic Debate is TUESDAY NIGHT at 5:30 PM Pacific Standard Time. Plan to watch at least part of it :)


All class- Test Corrections need to be made up within a week from Tuesday by 3:30 PM- Tuesday 10/20. I am here late after school every Tuesday and Thursday, and you can use SAS (especially this Tuesday- I know there is some sort of drill on Thursday).

In Class:
1. HW and agenda, turn in HW on Interest Groups- return graded work
2. Pod- Quad quick talk- what did you notice about interest groups, theory and practice
3. Elections- CM!
a) skim/read CM packet pp. 64-67
b)  party debate- who will represent your party??
c) finish speeches
c) vote!

1. Article I worksheet using the annotated copy of the US Constitution and internet search, as needed for current answers- THROUGH part 6- due tomorrow. Due next class meeting.
2. 10 things about Washington reading- parts 1-5- title and date- write short bullet point notes in Civics Notebook (you will add to this when you finish the article later)- parts 1-5 due Tuesday.

Week of October 5-8, 2015

Monday October 5, 2015

Purpose: What political parties do we have and what purpose do they serve in American society and government?

Announcements:  You will receive your hidden agenda today- read it carefully so you can be prepared to join a political party on Tuesday- speeches and elections will be on Thursday!  Quiz on Thursday- Govt. 101 and Constitution Framrewook. Bring food for Tuesday’s Political “Parties”!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, return Civic Notebooks, if needed, stamp conservative vs. liberal editorial (tape into notebook) AND political parties grid on R and D and Qs
2. Political parties
a) pod-quad debrief HW- Conservative vs. Liberal editorials- proof??
b)- pod-quad- D and R platforms- 1 idea on board
3. Civic Mirror
a) Close practice game- check wild cards!

1. Post on CM Forum- ONLINE- What did you learn from the practice game, and how will you apply this learning when we start the real game?
2. Wrestling Partisanship Editorial and Reading Guide- due next class.
4. P. 4- Presidential Match quiz, if not done- finish half sheet from last Tuesday. Tape this into your Civics Notebook.
NOTE- There will be a quiz on Thursday on Govt. 101 ideas- Constitution basics, Political Spectrum and Preamble.

Tuesday October 6, 2015

Purpose: Understand how and why political parties are formed and recognizing partisanship by participating in small group activity and Civic Mirror schmooze-fest.

Announcements:  Quiz on Thursday- Govt. 101 ideas- Constitution basics, Political Spectrum and Preamble. Open House is Thursday- invite your families NOW and give them your schedule/room numbers and directions!!!!!!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. Political parties- WHY????- small group
a) class read aloud- Federalist Paper #10…and it means…?
b) quiet reading-  Electoral System- what do you notice?
c) small group- third parties-number off experts
d) speed dating- 3rd Parties!
3. Civic Mirror- Political Parties- put out your treats!- Schmoozing and creating Political Parties :)  Prepare for Thursday’s speeches and elections!

1. Study for quiz!
2. Do Partisanship assignment- Due Thursday- NOTE- CHANGE MSNBC LINK TO DEMOCRACY NOW (www.democracynow.org)
3. Extra Credit- Constitutional Rights Foundation- How Political Parties Began- Read article online and answer 3 questions at bottom of reading (for discussion and writing Qs) TYPED on separate paper, clearly labeled with title, Extra Credit and full heading. Due Monday October 19, 2015.

Thursday October 8, 2015

Purpose: To understand how Article I frames the law-making portion of US Government by reading the Constitution and taking notes and watching video clip; you will also learn about interest groups by reading HW article and visiting 2 websites..

Announcements:  Next week, we will practice the law-making process, both in a Mock Congress, and in Civic Mirror. Open House is tonight- invite your parent/guardians!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, staple together and turn in two partisanship assignments
2. Pod-quad—Debrief partisanship and media- what do you notice?
3. CNN Student News- human rights
4. QUIZ- start on Article I worksheet when done.
5. Article I- How does Congress Work?
-overview and start- Article I Worksheet- this is NOT yet HW- on class work today
4. Civic Mirror- 30 mins
a) Political parties- 8 minutes of prep and rallies
b) Elections!!!!!

1. Read on interest groups from handout, answer questions and visit 2 websites- record your response. Due Monday 10/12. Also be thinking about new laws for CM country!
2. Complete Extra Credit from Tuesday's HW list above, if interested. Due Monday.

Week of September 29-October 1, 2015

Monday September 28, 2015     NON STUDENT TEACHER WORK DAY

Tuesday September 29, 2015

Purpose:  To apply your understanding of the Political Spectrum to several world examples by marking ideas on political spectrum “line,” taking a self-quiz (a new one) and reading editorials in the news.

Announcements:  We run the Civic Mirror Practice game on Thursday- be iPad and brain ready!!!!!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, current events
2. Constitution Organizer- how to use, spend 5 mins filling in what you know so far- REVIEW!
3. Political spectrum
a) finish lecture notes
b) place ideas on political spectrum handout
c) take Presidential Match Quiz- political spectrum Quiz #2.  Do Political Philosophy first, then hit back button and run your answers through 2016 Presidential Primary match.

3.  Civic Mirror
a) details to prep for practice game on Thursday- CM checks
b) creating a Country- name and 3 ideals- “Preamble”- flag?- no time

1. Read the following 2 editorials online. Make an entry in your Civics Notebook with today’s date and title it “Liberal and Conservative Editorials.”
List the author and title of the article- for each article, make a claim that the author is putting forward a liberal, conservative or moderate argument and provide three pieces of evidence per article to prove your claim. After each article, write 1-2 sentences with your opinion.
Article 1:

Article 2:

 Thursday October 1, 2015

Purpose: To practice the economic elements of Civic Mirror by partaking in and reflecting on the CM Practice Game!

Announcements:  You will get your hidden agenda on Monday! Prepare to form political parties after you understand your role.

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, return Civics Notebook
2. CM
a) quick intro
b) practice game!
c) Create National Identity- name and preamble and flag

1. Read handout on political parties and answer Qs 1-5 from handout on sep. paper. Then go to website of Democratic and Republican parties (see back of handout for urls) and search for party platforms. Provide a summary of the core issues/values of each party’s platform on your chart- ONLY DO SIDE 1 OF CHART! Due Monday 10/5.
2. Note- There will be a quiz next week- either Tuesday or Thursday on Govt. 101 ideas- Constitution basics, Political Spectrum and Preamble. FYI :)


Week of September 21-24, 2015

Monday September 21, 2015  An O Day- no class for us

Tuesday September 22, 2015

Purpose:  To understand why the framers structured the Constitution the way that they did and what core principles are embedded in this document by participating in jigsaw and taking notes, and to intro the political spectrum by reading some background and taking a quiz.

Announcements:  Keep your Civics papers in order- Notebook check and quiz coming up fairly soon. Be taping papers we work on into your Civics Notebook or keeping them in a very organized place. Ditto for general handouts- these are your TEXTBOOK for this class!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. Organization Moment- partner check- how is your system working? Share ideas/systems- take a re-organizational moment, if need be.
3. The Constitution
a) rights and responsibilities
b) Govt. 101- structure- jigsaw:
—Illustration, Definition, Skit- 15 mins to prepare!  Share! Take notes on handout—

1. Media assignment- Next Steps- News Blogs section due Thursday 9/24.  
2. Read News Speak handout- due Thursday.

 Thursday September 24, 2015

Purpose: To understand the political spectrum in US politics and apply this understanding to you/society by taking political typology quiz and analyzing several sources through the political spectrum lens.

Announcements:  I will see you tomorrow- early release A day. We will have the Civic Mirror practice run on Tuesday!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, free passes
2. Quick check- from Tuesday’s activity
3. The political spectrum- where do you fit? Download assignment and take notes in Civics Notebook.
a) Typology quiz assignment- check class data
b) PPT Notes- Political Spectrum

1. I will collect Civics Notebook tomorrow- on Friday 9/25, after CNN News notes. DD UPLOAD TODAY!


Friday September 25, 2015     An A Day Early Dismissal- 25 Minute Classes

Purpose: To discuss elements of media literacy with classmates by participating in small group and large group discussion.

Announcements:  No school for you on Monday! See you Tuesday- ready for CM practice game next week!

In Class:
1. HW and agenda, return graded work (DD upload)- two post-its, self-mark blue notebook sheet, name on front and first page of notebook, make sure you have page numbers along side of blue sheet.
2. CNN Student news- notes and reflection, discuss
3. Turn in Civics Notebook

1. Civic Mirror (CM)- Read CM packet pp. 13-47- answer Qs from Reading Check  #2 and #3- all info you can find there.  Tuesday 9/29 for Tuesday’s practice game.

Week of September 14-17, 2015    AEOEO Week

Monday September 14, 2015    A Day

Purpose: To debrief government in your life through group activity and intro the question “What is Citizenship.”

Announcements:  Please tell your parent/guardian to hold Thursday October 8th for SW Open House!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
- media clip
- stamp Media Literacy Getting Started entry in Civics Notebook, check supplies
2. Small Group discussion- levels of government and government in your life
a) review Kim Davis case- what is federalism?
b) government in your daily life brainstorm sheet- without then with handout
c) 3 corners of government- move!
3. What is Citizenship?
a) Jaywalking
b) your turn!

1. What is Citizenship quotes and interview- due Tuesday 9/15

Tuesday September 15, 2015     FIRST E (Even) Day

Purpose: To analyze the meaning of Citizenship by watching clips, discussion and reading, and to review the framework of the US Government system- the US Constitution!

Announcements:  Reed College visits this Wednesday- Career Center- in Portland- very intellectual :) Be checking the Career Center daily for scheduled visits- GO TO SOME!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. Media Literacy
a) pod-quad/class review media literacy first steps assignment
b) new media lit next-steps assignment
3. Citizenship
a) your turn!
b) watch Citizen USA
c) your definition- debrief HW
4. The Constitution
a) what it isn’t article

1. Complete Constitution Guide Qs- Avoiding at Tyranny?- due Thursday
2. Start Media Literacy Next Steps assignment- complete TV News section by Thursday- in your Civics Notebook.

Thursday September 17, 2015     E Day

Purpose: To Understand the structure of the US Constitution by examining big picture of how it works, and to introduce Civic Mirror.

Announcements:  Monday is an Odd Day- next Friday 9/25 is an early release ALL day :)

In Class:
1. HW and agenda-
2. Logistics: NEW SEATS! Schedule next week, Civics Journal
3. CNN Student News- take notes in Civics Journal, discuss, what was not on quizzes/in news? What are you noticing in your media literacy assignment?
4. Constitution Day!:
a) 1st impressions
b) Preamble- say/sing it!- Your Mission Statement!
finish what Constit. Isn’t- Jigsaw
c) finish what Constit. Isn’t- Jigsaw
5. What is Civic Mirror? Name- preamble/ideals, flag! NOTE- NAME IS PERMANENT!

1. Media Lit- Next Steps- parts 2 and 3- due Tuesday 9/22
2. Civic Mirror packet- read pages 5-9- answer  Qs from reading check #1- due Tuesday 9/22


  • Loose college ruled Paper, blue or black ink pens, pencils, highlighters, (tape and post-its are optional)
  • Your CHARGED iPad EVERYDAY. The world is our textbook in this class. Essential in this class.

  • 3 hole Spiral Notebook or composition book- single subject, will be occasionally collected by me- this is your Civics Notebook.

  • A 3 ring binder, accordion file or strong folder with a LOT OF ROOM for CIVICS (can be shared with other classes if a binder or accordion-style folder)
  • You might also find a computer flash drive useful but this could generally be replaced by using DROPBOX or GOOGLE DRIVE.
  • Some form of planner- electronic, book-style organizer or another method we discuss.
  • Your school issued gmail account- I expect you to use and check this regularly.
  • Your King County Library card - see www.kcls.org. If you don’t yet have one, get one now! All SW students are eligible to get one, even if you are a boundary exception.

 Week of September 9-11, 2015

Wednesday September 9, 2015

Purpose: To get to know one another and Ms.M and to understand the expectations for the new Civics class by listening to protocols, providing Ms. M with information and participating in small group activity.

Announcements: Learn how my website works. I will post at end of day, usually. You are responsible for info, in case I can’t/don’t post. I will post by the week, with most recent week at top of Civics section. First HW assignment due tomorrow :)

In Class:
1. Welcome! Pick up syllabus and course expectations.
2. HW and agenda
3. Logistics
4. What is this class? Some info and expectations/questions you have

1. Complete Civics Questionnaire. Due Thursday 9/10
2. Learn 3 things about Ms. McFarlane from at least 2 different sources. Possible sources of information: SW staff or students, my website, articles, etc. Record the source and what you learned on the back of the Civics Questionnaire. Due Thursday 9/10.
3. Get your supplies for this course- supplies due no later than Monday 9/14.
4. Get parent/guardian signatures on course expectations- due no later than Monday 9/14.


Thursday September 10, 2015

Purpose: To analyze and understand ways that government impacts your life by quick-writing, discussing with small group and large class discussion.

Announcements: If you need to take the ACT or SAT, sign up now! Don’t forget about the ACT- it is a great option and the SAME as SAT for all colleges (subject tests are another animal).

In Class:
1. SW handbook mini-lessons
2.  HW and agenda
3. Journal Quick-Write on laws
4. Debrief About Ms. M- in Pod-Quad/whole class- Sourcing, Corroboration, Contextualization
5. Small group PodQuad- about YOU!
6. Small Group discussion- levels of government and government in your life- discuss laws quick-write

1. Government in the News assignment- due Friday 9/11

Friday September 11, 2015

Purpose: To analyze how government is connected to your life what citizenship means by filling in chart, discussion with small group and taking a quiz :)

Announcements: If you will be NEEDING a letter of rec (not all programs or schools require one), go ask some teachers and fill out a brag sheet from the counseling office to provide to your teacher. Give your teacher specific information about you in their class, too.

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. The news!- Today is 9/11
3. Small Group discussion- levels of government and government in your life
a) p. 6- word whip- discuss laws quick-write
b) government in your daily life brainstorm sheet- without then with handout
c) 3 corners of government- move!
4. What is Citizenship
a) clip
b) Initial Citizenship quiz :)

Media Literacy- Getting Started
1. Download (at least) the following News Apps onto your Ipads (save it into a News Folder for easy access):
-News Service - (AP News (Associated Press) OR Reuters)
-NPR - (National Public Radio)
-Major US Newspaper - (New York Times OR Washington Post)
-Major US TV News Network (CBS, NBC, ABC)
-CNN News App - (cable news network)
-International News - (BBC (British Broadcasting Company), Al Jazeera)
-Local News - (Seattle Times AND one of the three TV news King, Komo, Kiro)

2. Select one story to follow and look it up on at least 3 of the above sites. For example, you could track the Kim Davis Kentucky case, 9/11, the Iran nuclear deal, or a story of your choosing. In your civics journal, title your entry “Media Literacy: Getting Started”- list the date and the 3 sources you examined. Write a paragraph about what you noticed about the coverage- what was similar and what was different, and what are you learning about the 3 news sources you selected? Due Monday 9/14.