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 SIOP US History 2015-16

Week of April 25-28, 2016

Monday April 25, 2016

Purpose for today and tomorrow: To understand the underlying causes of the Great Depression and the Great Depression's impact on average Americans by participating in small group presentations, examining photos, listening to music and taking notes.

Announcements: WELCOME BACK FROM BREAK! Test Corrections during SAS and after school Tuesday and Thursday this week only!

In Class:
1. HW and Agenda
2.  The Great Depression- the Bubble Bursts- country
a)  song and map
b) Ken Burns images- Dustbowl
3. Causes of the Great Depression
a) economic vocab- notes in History notebook
b) Galbraith jigsaw activity - no time

1. Modern American Poetry website assignment- due Tuesday. Do not do last part on SOAPS.

Tuesday April 26, 2016

Purpose: To analyze the underlying causes of the Great Depression and how bad it got by taking notes, participating in small group and singing!

Announcements: Test Corrections end Thursday after school 3:30- SAS Thursday and today and Thursday after school. I assign New Deal Project on Thursday!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, turn in Modern American Poetry-
2. finish notes on economic vocab in history notebook, used white boards
3. Causes of the Great Depression- Galbraith jigsaw activity

1. Read TCI Ch.33.1-33.3 on The New Deal and Its Legacy- take good Cornell Notes- you will need them for your New Deal Website  project. Due Thursday.

Thursday April 28, 2016

Purpose: To understand various ideas for what government should do when faced with the Great Depression by singing, watching video clip and taking notes, and starting New Deal Website project.

Announcements: Today after school is the last day for test corrections.

In Class:
1. hw and agenda- stamp hw- ch.33.1-33.3
2. Great Depression- how bad was it?
a) song- Herbert Hoover, and you singing!
b) After the Crash- Bonus Army video- take notes- up to 21:40
c) map of election- 1932
3. What should be the response of government in hard times? -Explain and assign topics for New Deal Poster- begin Library Research- 30 mins

1. Finish  the rest of TCI ch.33 - take more notes.
2. Take good notes from TCI ch.33 on YOUR PROGRAM- cite page numbers- if not in TCI, find one additional source on your New Deal Website topic and take notes, type up the MLA info.

Week of April 11-14, 2016

Monday April 11, 2016

Purpose: To look for and further analyze examples of Repression, Revolution and changing technology in the twenties by reviewing HW and taking notes on film.

Announcements: Q3 grades are nearly done. Spring break next week. Keep working hard! Test Corrections- SAS and after school this Tuesday and Thursday. Ends Tuesday April 26th at 3:30 PM.

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, NEW SEATS, check DD
2. The Twenties- a time of Repression and Revolution- Debrief on white board
3. Watch Moyers “A Walk Through the Twentieth Century: The Twenties”- take notes on Viewing Guide.

1. Read TCI ch.28.1 and 28.2- Popular Culture- take notes on Americans Buy into Consumer Culture- explain what consumer culture means and give at least 4 examples, and explain credit and installment buying.
2. Also read the TCI ch.28 additional section you and your partner were assigned. Put the heading and section number down  and take good notes for tomorrow’s activity. Add to notes from above- due Tuesday!

Tuesday April 12, 2016

Purpose: To provide several specific examples of Repression and Revolution from the Twenties by taking notes on Moyer’s film and creating and presenting posters

Announcements: Test corrections are SAS and after school Tuesday and Thursday, ending Tuesday April 26 3:30 PM. Check DD for updated grades!

1. hw and agenda, check DD, return History Notebooks and graded work
2. The Roaring (or Repressive?) Twenties
a) Song- Happy Days are Here Again
a) Finish Moyers Film (40 mins left)
b) Debrief Popular Culture of Twenties activity- create poster
Task- decide on 3 most important ideas to share. Create a poster using pens and my paper- to share with class. Each group presents from front of room- class takes notes on CN paper.

1.  Economic inequality today- watch short video clip and read article. Write 2 paragraph response in your history notebook- how does this relate to our study of the twenties, and what are your thoughts on the issue related to today’s world? Cite evidence to back up your opinion! Due Thursday.


Thursday April 14, 2016

Purpose: To analyze some of the causes of the Great Depression by participating in activities, reading the book and handouts and creating a presentation to share with class.


In Class:
1. hw and agenda, check DD- Grades due TODAY!
2. The Twenties
a) share ideas from last night’s readings on social and econ. inequality
b) Present popular culture ideas from Twenties- take notes in History Notebook.
3.  Causes of the Great Depression?  Bubble Bursts in the City
a) Essential Qs- Great Depression and New Deal
b) Yee Haw Game
c) song- Brother Can You Spare a Dime

1. Read ch.32 "The Human Impact of the Great Depression"- Do the Notebook guide activity in your History Notebook. Take notes next to each picture, based on the section you are reading. Due Monday after break.


Week of April 4-7, 2016


Tuesday April 5, 2016 Intro to the Roaring Twenties- An Era of Repression and Revolution

Purpose: To understand how America was changed by The Great War, both during and after the war- intro to the 1920s! By… watching video clips and taking notes,

Announcements: You may prepare one note card 3x5- one side- for the test- put your name on the other side in large letters. Test on Thursday- Transformation and Change, Foreign Policy (Reconstruction, industrialization, immigration, progressives, Spanish-Am. War and Imperialism, WWI).

1. hw and agenda, turn in political cartoon- 2 paragraphs on women, return graded work, check DD
2. go over political cartoons- hooray!
3. Review for test- use both study guides- key terms
4. How did the Great War affect the USA?
a) finish Iron Jawed Angels- discuss
b) video on changes at home during WWI- Learn 360- take notes in US History Notebook. World War I: On the Homefront: America in the 20th Century (includes 14 points)
c) CA Newsreel and Great Migration- Jacob Lawrence artwork

1. Skim read ch.26 using your online textbook- read just the MAIN POINTS/IDEAS HIGHLIGHTED IN YOUR ONLINE TEXTBOOK WHEN YOU CLICK ON MAIN IDEA. MARK DOWN 5 IDEAS FOR EACH SECTION OF CH. 26- Understanding Postwar Tensions on separate Cornell Notes Paper- Due Thursday.
2. Study for T and C/Foreign Policy Test which is this Thursday- you may have one 3X5 notecard- one side only- your name on the other side. Use both Key Terms sheets to help you study (one from each unit). YOUR HISTORY NOTEBOOK IS DUE EXAM DAY WITH CORRECT AND FILLED OUT BLUE ENTRY LIST WITH PAGE NUMBERS INDICATED TO LEFT SIDE.

1. 2/22     3 African American Views QS (HW)
2. 2/23     TCI CH. 11.5 Vocab (HW)
3. 2/25     TCI ch.13.2 graph and Qs (HW)
4/ 2/25     Industrialization Vocab (IC)
5. 2/29  TCI 13.3 graph and Qs (HW)
6. 3/1      TCI 13.4 Graph and Qs (HW)
7. 3/3     TCI 13.5 Graph and Qs (HW)
8. 3/10     TCI 15.1-15.3     (HW)
9. 3/22     TCI 201.1-.2 w/my Qs (HW)
10. 3/22 Notes on Imperialism (IC)
11. 3/24 TCI ch.21.1-21.3 Notes (HW)
12. /29 and 3/31 WWI Background Notes (IC)

Thursday April 7, 2016

Purpose: To assess your understanding of Industrialization and Imperialism by taking test, and to introduce the 1920s by watching film and taking notes.

Announcements: Tomorrow is the end of Quarter 3- are you all caught up???

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. Exam- T and C/Foreign Policy
3. The 1920s- watch the Twenties: Moyer’s Walk through the 20th Century. Take notes.

1. Read Zinn, chapter called "Hard Times" pp.235-240. In your History Notebook,

a. Describe what happened in Seattle in 1919 and analyze this question- what does it tell us about America at the dawn of the 1920s/end of the Great War?

b. What evidence does Zinn give of Repression during the twenties? Give at least 5 points of evidence and cite page number.
2. Make a T chart in your  history notebook with the titles: Repression and Revolution at the top. Make a list of as many ideas for each side as you can, based on what we have studied so far. Cite your source.

Week of March 28-31, 2016

Monday March 28, 2016

Purpose: To decide what to do about the Philippines and US Imperialism by participating in the Simulation, and to compare and contrast TCI Ch.21 and Zinn on the reasons behind US Expansionism by completing Venn Diagram.

Announcements: Test next week on Transformation and change and on Foreign Policy/Expansionism- Spanish-American War and WWI.

In Class:
1. HW and agenda, return graded work.
2. Imperialism
a) finish simulation
b) start venn diagram on Zinn and TCI ch.21

1. Complete Venn Diagram- side with circles only. Due Tuesday.


 Tuesday March 29, 2016

Purpose: To analyze reasons the US entered into Iraq and WWI in 1917 by taking notes on PPT and examining propaganda posters.

Announcements: Test next week!

1. hw and agenda, stamp venn diagram
2. Imperialism
a) discuss venn diagram ideas, write 2 paragraphs on back
b) PPT Iraq War
3. WWI
a) Essential Qs and KWL
b) Trench warfare video clips

1. TCI ch. 23.1 and 23.2- Read and take notes in US History Notebook.
NOTE- if you did not take good notes on the PPT in class (history of WWI), read ch. 22 to help you.  I am not assigning it, but if you need it, read it!
2. Political Cartoon- extension until next Tuesday 4/5/16!


Thursday March 31, 2016

Purpose: To understand the significant changes the US experienced during and right after WWI by watching films, taking notes, and participating in jigsaw.

Announcements: Test on Transformation and Change and Foreign Policy next Thursday! Political Cartoon due next Tuesday!

1. hw and agenda
2. WWI
a) finish PPT and show propaganda art
b) watch Iron-Jawed Angels (1:03-1:45)- take notes on handout
1. Article on women and vote- read and underline. Write 2 paragraphs- one paragraph summary and one analysis (what you think about this information and what it means/why important).
2. Complete your political cartoon- draw your picture of foreign policy and put a caption with it, then write your paragraph on the yellow paper that explains your cartoon. Have your name on both! Due Tuesday 4/5. If you need ideas on cartoons, use google images to look at political cartoons from the Spanish American War, War with the Philippines, building Panama Canal, WWI, women fighting for the vote, etc.
3. Study for test next Thursday.
4. EXTRA CREDIT: Read Is America and Empire article. Mark it up. Write a 2 paragraph response- one paragraph of summary and one of analysis- what do you think. Type this. Due Thursday 4/7.

Week of Monday March 21-24, 2016

Monday March 21, 2015

Purpose: To analyze the role of the US as a Global Power at the turn of the 20th century and today by taking notes on ppt, participating in small group discussions and practicing OPVL for a primary source document.
Announcements: Combined T and C/Imperialism test in about a week or 10 days- TBA.

1. hw and agenda
2. Imperialism
a) Vocab, and when is war justified?
b) Map- where has the US been involved? What patterns do you see?
c) PPT Notes- what is Imperialism?- no time
d) OPVL document

1. Read TCI ch.20.1 and 20.2-  take notes in your History Notebook. Make sure you understand these ideas: yellow journalism, issues facing Cuba, role of Hearst and Pulitzer newspapers. Due Tuesday.


Tuesday March 22, 2015

Purpose: To understand how the Spanish-American War is an example of imperialism by taking notes, analyzing case studies and watching a film.
Announcements: Role Play simulation on Thursday!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. Go over Blue Notebook Check sheet
3. Imperialism
a) PPT notes
b) alpha/beta
c) Film- take notes- US becomes a World Power- no time
d) political cartoons

1. Political Cartoon- due Thursday 3/31
2. read ch.21 sections 21.3, 21.2 and 21.3- take notes in your History Notebook. Due Thursday.

 Thursday March 24, 2015

Purpose: To understand the different perspectives on US Imperialism during the Spanish American War of 1898 by watching film, taking notes, analyzing political cartoons and participating in role play.
Announcements: Test end of next week or in about 10 days TBD- notebook will be due then!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, check out Zinn books- start reading and look for thesis
2. Imperialism
a) White Man’s Burden
b) cartoon analysis
c)  Philippines simulation- not done

1. Take notes in History notebook- TCI 21.4- Asia
2. Read Zinn pp.185-197- take notes- what is driving force for Imperialism for the US, according to Zinn?  Take notes on what you think the thesis is (hint- look on p.186), and take notes on what he says about why war might be useful in 1897. Then take notes on the main ideas for each sub-section (at least one claim and 2-3 points of evidence for each subsection. Due Monday.

Week of Monday March 14-17, 2016


Tuesday March 15, 2016

Purpose: To learn what a Progressive was in US History and how many changes came about because of their work by watching film and taking notes, and to prepare for Thursday’s Town Meeting by prepping questions and thinking of outfits.

Announcements: Town Hall is Thursday 5/17!

1. hw and agenda
2. Turn in Town Hall notes- I should have this in evernote.
Turn in  your autobiography- clarify if it is in Evernote.  Is it also in turnitin.com????

3. Immigration and Progressives
a) Reading: Teaching Tolerance- “A Brief History of Immigration in the United States”
b) teach 15.4- Americanization, Assimilation, Acculturation- pros and Cons
settlement houses, connection to political bosses, Nativism (in film)

4. Who were the Progressives- watch video and take notes

5. Town Hall Prep

1. Prep for town hall- write written prep for my questions- that includes citation of source- and write 2 higher level questions to ask,  you will turn all of this in on Thursday. Also, prepare your outfit and what your beliefs are.

a new eBook on history of labor that Library purchased for this year, which will include some good primary sources (esp. for Debs, Mother Jones, etc.)

 go to www.mackinvia.com
Log in
When you see the list of types of resources, click on eBooks
In Results/Page (in top blue bar), click and drag down to 60)
Scroll down (in alpha order) to Workers Unite!

Thursday March 17, 2016      TOWN HALL MEETING TODAY!

Purpose: To analyze the role of government in the Gilded Age, and the costs/benefits of
this period by participating as your historical figure in the Town Hall Meeting.

Announcements: End of class TODAY- Turn in your questions that you wrote and the ones you answered at the end of class. Also turn in autobiography if not yet in. If you have paper notes or google docs, turn them in.

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. Go over turnitin. com- make sure autobiography is in there
3. Town Hall
a) make BOTH your name tag and your name plate for your desk :)
b) introduction of your character
c) scavenger hunt
d) questions- yours
e) philosophical chairs
4. Immigration article, if time.

1. Foreign Policy Map and regions of world list- fill in. Due Monday 3/21. 

Week of Monday March 7-10, 2016


Tuesday March 8, 2016

Purpose: To understand the role that organized labor played during this time of Transformation and Change by watching video, taking notes, reading TCI and researching for Town Hall.

Announcements: Town Hall Meeting will be next Tuesday March 15th!

In Class:VOCAB- SOCIAL DARWINISM, STRIKE, LABOR, UNION, AFL, Wealthy, Upper-Middle Class, Middle Class, WORKING CLASS, Working Poor/Poor/Poverty
1. hw and agenda, pass out Free HW and Latework passes!
2. stamp TCI all 13, and parts 2 and 3 of 14
3. Labor -
a) Vocab
b) read TCI 14.4 in class- strikes- what does this mean?  AFL, IWW, Knights of Labor
c) finish Gilded Age video on reform, labor and political corruption (16:40-26:40)
4. Research in Library- last day! Town Hall Meeting will be next Tuesday 3/15!

1. Read TCI 15.1-15.3. Answer these questions in your UH History Notebook:
a) Make a T-Chart and put Push Factors on one side and Pull Factors on the other side. List some push and pull factors for immigrants.
b) what were “America Letters” and why were they important?
c) what was it like to go through Ellis Island?
d) What is a contract laborer, what did US law say about this?
e)  what was life like in the cities for new immigrants?

Thursday March 10, 2016

Purpose: To learn about immigration to the US in the late 1800s and early 1900s and how this impacted class struggle by analyzing charts and cartoons, taking notes, learning vocab and preparing for Town Meeting.

Announcements: All notes for Town Hall due Monday! Autobiography due Monday! Town Hall will take place on and prep questions due Tuesday!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. Industrialization and class struggle
a) Chart- economic inequality- review class terms from Tuesday
3. Immigration Lecture w/ cartoons
4. Town Hall prep- start writing Autobiography. Add a page to your Evernote for this, or turn in typed copy on Monday. - due Monday. Must be double spaced! And must be turned into turnitin.com.

1. TCI ch.15.5-15.6 (skip section on French Canadians)— read and write the following in your History Notebook:
a) what was the experience of immigrants from Asia- at least 4 ideas
b) what was the experience of immigrants from the south, especially Mexico- at least 4 ideas
2. All notes due Monday for Town Hall. Should have been done today!
3. Finish writing personal autobiography for Town Hall- due Monday- printed or included as a 5th page in evernote! Also must be turned into turnitin.com.
Autobiography - ~1+ page, double-spaced:  Write an autobiography about your person from his/her point of view.  Be sure to use accurate details/facts from your research in your autobiography. Provide personal/professional background of your life (past, family, work, significant experiences, values, impact etc.).  Use Parenthetical Notation to cite your sources!

Week of February 29- March 3, 2016

Monday February 29, 2016

Purpose: To develop historical research skills to begin T and C Town Hall project by reading about project, setting up Evernote in your iPad and beginning research in library.

Announcements: We are in the library parts of all classes this week! World Night is March 24th- sign up now! LUNCH THIS THURSDAY in Ms. Lachman’s class- SCC connection, then would be in SAS. Great opportunity! COME- extra credit!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, turn in Pink Plessy v. Ferguson sheet
2. review last week’s vocab
3. Introduction to Town Hall research project!
a) explain project and read- get your role.
b) set up Evernote- explain notes set up.
c) Library research start- GOAL- learn from librarian about secondary source options, sign up for KCLS if you don’t have a card

1. Complete TCI ch.13.4 graph and questions. Due Tuesday in your US History notebook.

Tuesday March 1, 2016

Purpose:  To understand ways that America experienced inequality during the Gilded Age by watching film and taking notes, and doing library research on your character.

Announcements: Free Central Market Pizza lunch for exited and current ELL students interested in learning more about going to college, links to SCC and general support. This Thursday in Ms. Lachman’s room!

1. hw and agenda
2. Vocab- Gilded Age
3. Watch Film Glided Age- take notes
4. Library Research on your character- goal today-
a) Evernote example, set up Evernote, clarify steps to go through with each source
b) find 2 secondary sources on your topic- Write MLA, read source, take notes

1. Read TCI 13.5- fill in graph with half sheet and answer Qs in History Notebook. Due Thursday,
2. Using Library resource list, find, read and take notes on one more secondary source on your topic. Due Thursday.
Resources to use today: Encyclopedia Brittanica, library book, Gale Virtual Reference.

 Thursday March 3, 2016

Purpose: To further develop your understanding of the Gilded Age by finishing film/taking notes and researching primary and secondary sources on your Town Hall character in the library.

Announcements: No school for you on Monday! Town Hall will be the week after next- get prepared!

1. HW and agenda
2. The Gilded Age
a) survey- Laissez-Faire
b) watch more of Gilded Age film
3. Library Research- find, read, MLA and notes on 2 more sources in Library today! One must be primary!

1. Read TCI ch. 14- sections 1-3. Answer questions for 14.2 and 14.3 in your history notebook. Due Tuesday.
2. Read, take notes on and record MLA for 2 more sources for your research. You should have note on 5-6 good sources by Tuesday!

Week of February 22-25, 2016

Monday February 22, 2016

Purpose: To learn positives of Reconstruction, how it ended and why that matters by taking notes on PPT and watching video clips.

Announcements: We will start our Industrialization unit and research project next!

In Class:
1. welcome back! HW and agenda
2. Reconstruction- finish!
3. Start 3 African American views if time

1. Read “TCI 11.5 Reversing Reconstruction”- define terms listed on my website. Put this in your History Notebook- Title it as listed here. Due tomorrow.
Key Terms Vocab to define in CONTEXT in your History Notebook- include definition and significance (why important):
- Ku Klux Klan
- Amnesty
- Poll tax
- Literacy Test
- Jim Crow Laws
- Plessy v. Ferguson (include date, story and significance)
- Segregation


Tuesday February 23, 2016

Purpose: To analyze the perspectives of 3 post-Reconstruction African American thinkers by working in small group to create and present poster, and take on role of character in small group discussion.

Announcements: We will be starting research project next class or next week!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, stamp 3 African American views questions
2. The demise of Reconstruction- implications (what it meant for USA)
a) last slides
b) 3 African American views activity- groups in 1, 2, 3, to make poster, then 1,2,3 for discussion as character.
3. Introduction to Industrialization- what the north was doing!
a) essential questions and vocab- no time
b) TCI ch. 13- notebook guide activity- introduced vocab only

Read TCI 13.1 and 13.2. Complete section graph in History Notebook for 13.2. Use half sheet for information, and cut out the correct chart for 13.2 and tape it into your history notebook- due Thursday.   

Thursday February 25, 2016

Purpose:To understand some of the elements of Industrialization by watching PPT, watching film and working with partner to complete TCI ch.13.

Announcements: iPad REQUIRED for next project- everyday and charged. We are in library parts of next week with Town Hall Meeting Research Project!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. Explain Town Hall project- you will need NEW version of EVERNOTE on your iPad next week- make sure you update this. MANDATORY
3. Industrialization
a) essential questions
b) vocab for PPT and vocab for entire T and C unit
c) Industrialization PPT, add to vocab notes
d) ch.13 TCI- set up and parts 2, 3

1. Plessy v. Ferguson handout- due Monday
2. ch. 13- finish questions and graph for 13.3- due Monday

vocab for pre-ppt:
rapid, wages, capital investment, iron ore, patent, rural, urban, productivity, unions, progressives, influx

13.2 vocab: telegraph, capital, capitalism, socialism, communism, Bessemer process


Week of February 8-11, 2016

Monday February 8, 2016

The purpose of today's class (objective): To analyze what happened in US History during Reconstruction (immediately following the Civil War) by taking notes on powerpoint and video clips and small group discussion.

Announcements: Semester Grades and your essays will be done by Thursday morning!

In Class:
1. HW and agenda
2. How was the Civil War fought?- Atlas on the CW- 15 minutes.
3. What was Reconstruction and how did it shape US History?
a) what does this word sound like it means?
b) start video/ppt lecture- take notes on handout

1. Finish Atlas assignments on Reconstruction and Civil War- due Thursday (note that you will also have additional HW on Tuesday night!)


Tuesday February 9, 2016

Purpose:  To more deeply understand Reconstruction and what it meant for African Americans after the Civil War by watching video clips and taking notes on my ppt.

Announcements: BSU Assembly on Thursday. Meet here and don’t be late!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. Reconstruction
a) review- vocab- what does Reconstruction mean? Appeasement?
b) take ppt. notes and watch film clips

1. Read Transformation and Change green packet pp.5-8 “Three African American Views”. Answer questions 1 and 3 from p.8. Due in History Notebook on Monday 2/22 after break, so get it done now if you want no HW over break.
2. Atlas- 3 Maps on Civil War and Reconstruction due on Thursday 2/11!

Thursday February 11, 2016

Purpose: To learn about links between BSU Assembly and Reconstruction!

Announcements: Have a great break- finish 3 African American Views questions- due Monday 2/22!

In Class:
1. Straight to BSU assembly- sit with me.
2. hw and agenda, turn in Atlas assignment and early HW for 3 African American views.
3. Discuss assembly

1. If you are not done with Questions 1 and 3 from p.8 of the reading on 3 African American Views (pp.5-8 in Green Transformation and Change packet), then finish it over break. Due Monday we return.

Have a safe and relaxing break!

Week of February 1-5, 2016

Monday February 1, 2016    O DAY

Tuesday February 2, 2016    

Purpose: To understand the impact of the Civil War on all Americans, and especially African Americans, but finishing the film Glory, finishing the War with Mexico Tea Party, and

Announcements: You may use ONE 3X5 Notecard in your own writing, with your name on it- BOTH SIDES- for the final exam on Thursday!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. Logistics:
a)  hand out exam review sheet
b) turn in History Notebook with blue sheet and page numbers present. Make sure you have also self-evaluated and checked off what you have and put a zero if not there.
c) turn in dialogue journal on “We Take Nothing by Conquest” reading.
2. The Civil War
a) Finish Glory
b) discuss film and Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg and outcome of war.
3. Review for Test

1. Study for test and create study notecard- two sides of one 3X5- hand written and name on it!  There will be 55-60 questions, including a couple of short answer questions!




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Week of April 25-28, 2016

Monday April 25, 2016

Purpose: To understand how the Federal Budget process works and the role of the Executive Branch in this process by taking notes, analyzing online information and attempting to solve US economic issues!

Announcements: WELCOME BACK FROM BREAK! I am always available to help during SAS and after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays- are you where you want to be?
CM Law making is tomorrow! Budget bill comes first!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, turn in Warren Buffet HW
2. The Executive Branch review- Hail to You, Chief/Impeachment slide- Pod-Quad
3. The Federal Budget
a) video clip- Process
b) some economics/personal budgeting background
c) Take notes on economic terms- Budget pink handout page 2- NO TIME- P2

1. Work on CAP- next CAP action due this Thursday- April 28th!
2. Prepare bills for CM- budget bills come first!


Tuesday April 26, 2016

Purpose:  To show your understanding of the connection between law-making, lobbying and the economy, in order to prepare for tomorrow’s Spring Trading event, by taking part in Civic Mirror government event and learning about the US Budget.

Announcements: Spring Trading begins on Thursday! Bring your charged iPad, make sure you have read the background reading, and know how to communicate online  within civic mirror (critical). President must appoint national judge on Thursday.

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. WA state and taxes- read the following article in today’s Seattle Times- respond in your Civics Notebook- what do you think of WA state’s tax system, and what do you think we should do? (if time, examine credit newspapers in the room)
3. The Federal Budget
a) some economics/personal budgeting background
b) Take notes on economic terms
d) budget activities
3. CM--make laws before Trading actually begins on Thursday!  General citizens- use your law-making log sheet
- GOVERNMENT/PRESIDENT- You MUST enter the laws onto the government page! You do it after class or have designated staffer do this before next class meeting.

1. Read CM packet pp.87-93. VERY IMPORTANT TO BE PREPARED FOR SPRING TRADING NEXT CLASS! Figure out- how can you make money if you owe nothing? What kinds of jobs might you create- will you be an entrepreneur, a government worker (maybe a person who maintains and protects wilderness, like a park ranger, etc.). Plan to communicate online via Civic Mirror. Also, read carefully about residency and business contracts :)  
2. Read 5 things to know about Supreme Court- annotate reading for yourself. Be prepared for a check-in on this :)
3. Next CAP action is due Thursday!

Thursday April 28, 2016

Purpose: To make connections between the politics and economics of Civic Mirror by participating in trading during the Spring Season, to finish budget activities and to work on your CAP.

Announcements: SAS today and after school (until 3:30) are the last times for test corrections.

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. CAP check in and entry time- Action step number 2 and next plan of action- 25 mins.
3. The budget- finish budget activities
4. Civic Mirror
a) President appoint national judge
b) last chance for some laws
c) Advance to Spring season and start trading

1. Complete Article III study guide, using annotated US Constitution and handouts I provided in class.
2. Work on next CAP action!  Entire CAP is due mid-May!

Week of April 11-14, 2016

Monday April 11, 2016

Purpose: To prepare for Civic Mirror Hex Auction by electing a President, and to understand the economic choices you will need to make as a CM nation.

Announcements: TEST MAKE UP IS TUESDAY DURING SAS- MUST BE HERE TO MAKE UP TEST. 3rd quarter grades due!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, New Seats, turn in Electoral College Prep w/ name on it!
2. CM
a) Log in to new nation name and check your money
b) Economics of CM
c)  presidential election!
d) strategy session- Govt and individuals- what do you want out of auction? Begin Hex Auction Prep Sheet.
3. Understanding the information and political ads around us:
a) read Truthiness and Citizens United Article- what is Truthiness, why write this article? Impact of Citizens United?
b) what are these four websites for? Check them out!

1. CAP- next action due tomorrow!  And start planning NEXT steps/action, as you will need to enter this on Tuesday.
2. Hex Auction prep sheet- complete the first page to prepare for Tuesday- must be here to buy anything in CM!

Tuesday April 12, 2016

Purpose: To determine who will control what parts of your Civic Mirror economy by participating in the Hex Auction, and to enter data on CAP/complete Article II study guide.

Announcements: CAP will be due in late May- probably the week of May 23rd. Article I test make up today only- during SAS. We begin making laws for your nation next class, using the Constitution, of course.

In Class:
1. HW and agenda, turn in 30 second Ad HW
2. CM
a) clarify govt officials, Review- pp.70-73 in CM Handbook for Hex Auction prep
b) auction prep- strategize- 5 minutes- govt sit together
c) Hex Auction!
3. CAP WORK TIME- enter action plan in CRF Website- Action Plan 1 and list nest action and date.
4. Powers of President-
a) example- State of Union
b) complete Article II study guide using annotated Constitution- due Thursday!

1. Read article- Going to War- Who Decides - expect in-class reading check on Thursday.
2. Write 2 paragraphs on Hex Auction Reflection in Civics Notebook- from Purple Sheet
3. Read CM packet pp. 78-86 to prepare for Govt event next class!
4. CM Prep- due next class
a) elected Congresspeople- draft a bill.
b) President and regular CM citizens- send a message to a Congressperson lobbying for a bill
c) President- based on Hex Auction, prepare a 2 minute State of the Union Speech for next class
5. P4 only- Make sure CAP Action #1 is entered into the CAP CRF website by Thursday AM, before class!

Thursday April 14, 2016

Purpose: To analyze the powers of the Executive branch and how we elect that person to office by participating in several activities!

Announcements: SPRING BREAK NEXT WEEK! Work on CAP- see below for due dates.

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, check DD- grades in today!
2. Powers of the President- Executive Branch
a) Reading assessment, assignment on qualifications
b) Executive Action video clip/carton
c) graphic organizer, what are the various Roles of the US President:
d) Hail to you, Chief!, Term Limits,  Presidential Succession
e) nominating
3. Electoral College- how does it work and why was it developed?
a) review article, add to notes and come up with ideas in quad pod
b) class discussion and cool websites- fill in blue govt organizer part VIII
c) Electoral College- keep or abolish article and discussion
4. Civic Mirror-
a) lobbying by individuals and interest groups- 4 mins
b) state of the union clip and CM State of Union
c) convene Congress and President be available- attempt to pass 1st bill- regular citizens take notes on log

1. Read one page editorial by Warren Buffet- Stop Coddling Super Rich- about Taxes. Answer Qs on back- due Monday after break.
2. Work on CAP- next Action due Thursday April 28th. ALL ACTIONS DUE BY TUESDAY MAY 17TH- THIS MEANS YOU UPLOAD ALL LETTERS SENT/MEETINGS ATTENDED, NOTES, INTERVIEWS, ETC. Final CAP presentations and reflection due week of May 23rd.
Have a safe and wonderful spring break!


Week of April 4-7, 2016


Tuesday April 5, 2016

Purpose: To analyze the questions- is Congress Broken and if so, how can we fix the problem by watching clips, reading articles and participating in Socratic Seminar fishbowl.

Announcements: Test on Thursday- Article I, Govt 101 review and Political Spectrum review!  Redo OPVL if needed.

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. CM run-off elections
3. How Broken is Congress? Can we fix it?
a) watch clips/read handout on citizens united, take notes
b) prepare for Socractic Seminar fishbowls
c) socratic- 1
5. review for test- fill in orange organizer, review with partner, graphic adaptation if interested.

1. Study for Article 1 and Govt 101/Political Spectrum (review) test on Thursday. You may prepare ONE 3X5 notecard one side, with your name on the back side!
2. Read 30 second ad article (pink) and answer HW questions ONLY- top of front page. Due Thursday for lesson.
3. CAP action due by April 12th.
4. Re-do OPVL if needed, no penalty- PRINTED copy due Thursday.


Thursday April 7, 2016

Purpose: To assess your understanding of Article I by taking test, and to analyze the role that ads play in the election process/intro to Executive Branch.

Announcements: CM Presidential Election is Monday and Hex Auction is Tuesday 4/12- if you miss it, you don’t own anything!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, turn in OPVL if re-done
2. Test on Article I and Govt 101 review-
- when done with the test, start Article II study guide, using annotated copy of  the US Constitution.
3.What does it take to be President? Pod- Quad
4.Ads and elections
a) what to think about
b) examples

1. Read all handouts provided on Electoral College and prepare prep sheet on background on the Electoral College (pink handout on notes and pro-con arguments)- what do you think of this system? Due Monday.
2. Work on CAP action- next action due Tuesday

show I like Ike ad—

show LBJ Daisy Add:

Show Dukakis-Bush ad on Willie Horton

Interest group ads- this year's GOP debate:
Original Ad:

Spoof by Greenpeace:

2 Ads to Compare on Ads in Class Activity- back of 30 second Ad reading notes


Spending- outside groups



Week of March 28-31, 2016

Monday March 28, 2016

Purpose: To understand how Congress works by preparing for Mock Senate.

Announcements: CAP Annotated Bib- INDIVIDUAL- due tomorrow- typed, indent second/third line, source in italics, alpha sort. Printed. Full heading and title.

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, return graded work, turn in Empty Chamber Qs and Bill you wrote
2.  Prep for Mock Congress- Bill to Law
a) bill to law movement activity- finish P4- review p.2
b) Bills- death and life by committee!- watch Colbert clip on Congressional Committee Hearings
c) Quick overview on Congress
d) prep activity- swearing in, look up info on your state, prep 2nd Bill- turn in 2nd bill

1. Finish CAP Annotated Bib- INDIVIDUAL- due Tuesday 3/29
2. Finish 2nd Mock Bill for Mock Senate, if not finished in class- due tomorrow! Use Website below if needed:

Tuesday March 29, 2016

Purpose: To simulate real Congressional Committee work by participating in Mock Senate and taking notes, and to learn how Senate debate and voting works.

Announcements: Civic Mirror Elections for Congress will be this Thursday! Prepare a 30 second-1 minute speech if you want to run (and you should run!). Presidential election will probably be next week. Probably a quiz on Article I coming up next week, too. Be prepared to talk in class on Thursday- for both CM and in a socratic seminar :)

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, turn in typed INDIVIDUAL CAP Annotated Bib,  turn in Mock Bill #2 to correct pile.
2. Mock Senate Prep
a) Bill to Law reading and questions- finish and read on/add Senate Debate rules
b) Background notes on Congress- who’s who/roles
3. Actual Mock Senate
a) break into committees- majority/minority party instructions
b) Committee work
c) voting on bills

1. Complete Countable Congress assignment- due next class


Thursday March 31, 2016

Purpose: To analyze and answer the questions Is Congress broken, and Can Congress be fixed by watching clips, reading articles and participating in socratic seminar.

Announcements: Test on Article I next week- Thursday 4/7. Start studying now!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, turn in Mock Senate Reflection and Countable Congress, return Civics notebook, check DD
2. CAP work- start entering Thinking it Through form on CRF website to look for action ideas- also, examine toolkit. (15 mins)
3. CM- political parties and CM- Elections for Congress!
4. How Broken is Congress?
a) watch clips/read handout on citizens united- started in p.2 only, fire drill p.4

1. CAP- Complete Thinking it Through Form on CRF website with your team- due by Tuesday 4/5.  Then get out and DO SOMETHING for your CAP- 1st action update due, and action taken BY Tuesday April 12th.
2. Study for Article I and Govt 101 (review) test on Thursday 4/7.
3. Complete Mock Senate reflection- due next class. This is green :) and the back side of the Mock Senate Simulation instructions.

Week of Monday March 21-24, 2016

Monday March 21, 2015

Purpose: To conclude the practice game for CM, and to introduce Article I- Legislative Branch- of Congress.
Announcements: You will get your Hidden Agenda tomorrow, form Political Parties and have an election soon (Th or Mon). Bring food for Tuesday’s Political “Parties”!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, turn in What is Partisanship
2. Go over entries in Civics Notebook- notebook check on Tuesday or Thursday
3. CNN Student News
4. Finish Practice Game- 15 minutes
5. Intro to Article I- use Constitution- fill in worksheet

2. Read the following 2 editorials online. Make an entry in your Civics Notebook with today’s date and title it “Liberal and Conservative Editorials.”
List the author and title of the article- for each article, make a claim that the author is putting forward a liberal, conservative or moderate argument and provide three pieces of evidence per article to prove your claim. After each article, write 1-2 sentences with your opinion about that editorial. Due next class.

Article 1-Nicholas Kristof:

Article 2- Katie Kieffer:

 Tuesday March 22, 2016

Purpose: Understand how and why political parties are formed and recognizing partisanship by participating in small group activity and Civic Mirror schmooze-fest, and to understand how Article I works.
Announcements: Mock Congress prep Thursday, run it Monday. NOT CM.

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. Check notebooks- peer check and turn in
3. Article 1- how does this Congress thing work? Worksheet with Constitution and “America” handout/ Receive and read your HIDDEN AGENDA!  DON’T SHARE THIS! Keep face down in CM section of notebook.
4. Civic Mirror- form Political parties- schmooze and eat!

1. CAP research- your Annotated Bib on your topic is due Tuesday March 29th. This is INDIVIDUAL!!!!!! NOT GROUP!!!!!!!
2. Nature of Interest Groups- read article and complete green sheet assignment, including web based analysis. Due Thursday.
3. Extra Credit- Constitutional Rights Foundation- How Political Parties Began- Read article online and answer 3 questions at bottom of reading (for discussion and writing Qs) TYPED on separate paper, clearly labeled with title, Extra Credit and full heading. Due Tuesday 3/29.

Thursday March 24, 2016     PREP FOR MOCK CONGRESS

Purpose: To further understand  main ideas in Article I of the US Constitution- the law making branch- by working with partner to fill in info on green Article I worksheet, watching video clips, taking notes and participating in movement activity.
Announcements: Mock Senate will be Monday- prepare your bill!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, turn in interest groups Qs
2. Civic Mirror
a) check your status- the practice game will go away very soon.
b) Post on CM DISCUSSION- ONLINE- What did you learn from the practice game, and how will you apply this learning when we start the real game? Respond to my prompt.
3. Complete Article I constitution guide/go over- partner work
4. Prep for Mock Congress- Bill to Law
a) how do interest groups influence law making?
b) I’m just a Bill
c) bill to law movement activity

1. CAP research annotated bib- individual- due Tuesday 3/29.
2. Mock Congress Bill- pick a state- write a bill- due Monday
3. The Empty Chamber reading and questions due Monday


Week of Monday March 14-17, 2016


Tuesday March 15, 2016

Purpose: To assess your understanding of Govt 101 concepts by taking quiz, and to further examine elections and how they work by participating in various activities.

Announcements: Annotated OPVL bib and research for your final selected CAP topic will be the next phase of your research. Civic Mirror practice game is Thursday- be ready!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, turn in Wrestling Partisanship and printed initial Bib for CAP
2. Quiz Constitution 101, Political Spectrum and memorized Preamble- review time and political 3rd parties article
3. Elections- how do they work and where do you fit?
a) On the Issues- Presidential match- who is your candidate??? - Turn this in.
- Register to vote!!!!! If interested and able- remember, you can register when 17, participate in a caucus, but not vote until 18.
b) caucuses and primaries- video clip and where to do it
c) Read link on Presidential Nomination Process and think about Thursday’s handout on elections- is this a fair system?

4. what is Partisanship?
a) video clip
b) assignment with charts
c) discuss with pod-quad- what is the problem, how do we fix it?

5. CAP decision-making time- decision-makers???

1. Read the following newspaper article from this weekend’s paper. In your Civics notebook, answer the following questions:
a) what is the article saying about Donald Trump and Populism?
b) Describe the main points of the article in bullet points. Use at least 2 points of evidence for any claim made.
c) What is your thinking about what you learned?
d) What are at least 2 questions you now have?
2. Finalize your choice for CAP. Identify who the decision-maker would be for your policy.

Thursday March 17, 2016     HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!

Purpose: To experience the CM economic process, and get a feel for how the process works, by participating in the practice game.

Announcements: You may do test corrections for the next week- T/TH SAS and after school (until 3:30) through next Thursday 3/24.

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. explain test corrections- SAS or after school Tues or Thurs, through 3/24 at 3:30 PM
3. Catch up on News- CNN Student news- parts I and II- I will check notebooks next week- check yellow sheet
4. CAP- make sure you are registered and enter initial info- ONE PER GROUP- LIST ALL GROUP MEMBERS IN OPENING BOX

5. Civic Mirror Practice Game- cut slips
a) review CM packet pp.48-50
b) follow steps, starting with creating a password that YOU KEEP AND KNOW and establishing a family with names that can be published.
a) review basic ideas
b) run Practice Game

1. Finish What is Partisanship green sheet- charts and compare 2 news stories- follow something about elections or Supreme Court vacancy. Due Monday 3/21.
2. Read 10 Things to know about WA- bullet points in Civics Journal- due Monday.
3. Start researching for your CAP- you will create a more extensive annotated (OPVL) Bib for your selected topic.

Week of Monday March 7-10, 2016


Tuesday March 8, 2016

Purpose:To learn about and analyze ideas on the US political spectrum by taking an online survey, ppt notes and applying ideas to practice activities.

Announcements: Political Parties coming up, then CM practice game!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, Pass out Civics Organizer- free hw and late work and no problem pass
2. Media check in- what do you notice- sources for national vs. local news? Current events?
3. Political Spectrum
a)  Political Typology quiz- analyze class data!
b) political spectrum ppt and activities- take notes and use chart- make chart on back for Libertarian and Populist ideas
4. CAP - no time- p.4
a) register online for CRF
b) page 1- figure out problems most interested in- select 2-3 and start research, find partners
c) CAP Work Time- figure out initial research- initial research due Monday!

1. Work on initial bibliography for CAP- typed and printed initial bibliography (worth 15 points) due Monday 3/14. This is your initial research to help you pick a CAP problem/topic/activity and figure out who you are trying to reach and what the policy is you are targeting.
2. OPVL on “Factions”- parties- due Thursday 3/10
3. Study for Quiz on Thursday on Govt. 101 ideas- Constitution basics, Political Spectrum and Memorized Preamble. FYI :)


Thursday March 10, 2016

Purpose: a) To understand Political Parties, including 3rd parties, by participating in jig-saw and examine data, and b) having CAP focus time to narrow down topics of interest for you.

Announcements: Note- I moved the test to Monday 3/14, and Civic Mirror Practice Game is next Tuesday!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, turn in political typology and stamp/check R and D Party assignment
2. Political spectrum review-  last slides- place ideas on spectrum and identify- p.4 left off on Radical slide
3. political parties activity-
a) discuss Rep. Party and Dem. Party functions
b) jigsaw independent parties- Speed Dating!
c) what is Partisanship
4. CAP Work Time
a) register online for CRF, if need be
b) page 1- figure out problems most interested in- select 2-3 and start research, find partners- Who are the decision-makers you might contact?
c) CAP - figure out initial research- initial research due Monday!

1. Work on initial bibliography for CAP- typed and printed initial bibliography (worth 15 points) due Monday 3/14. I recommend that you research 1-2 political candidates (maybe local or maybe for President of US) and 1-2 problems you are concerned about. This will give you some options as you narrow down your CAP.
2. Read Wrestling Partisanship article and complete handout- finish what is Partisanship if needed
3. Study for Monday’s Quiz/test. Govt/Constitution 101, Preamble, Political Spectrum, Political Parties.


Week of February 29- March 3, 2016

Monday February 29, 2016

Purpose: To understand the underlying structures and premises of the US Constitution and how it creates our system of Government

Announcements: Tomorrow is SUPER TUESDAY- figure out what that means!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, tape HW on media into civics notebook if not there already- write it into yellow table of contents
2. Organization Moment- partner check- Dividers (labeled and filled- no loose papers!), Binder and Civics Notebook? take a re-organizational moment, if need be.
3. Current events- CNN student news- NATIONAL FOCUS
4. The Constitution Jigsaw
—Illustration, Definition, Skit- 8-10 more mins to prepare!  Share! Take notes on handout—

1. Read/skim Civic Mirror Packet pp. 13-47- answer Qs from Reading Check #2 and #3. Due Thursday (more HW Tuesday night, so get started).

Tuesday March 1, 2016

Purpose: - To analyze your nation’s mission statement (versus its structure of govt) by reading and watching Preamble, and writing your own.
    - To introduce the Civic Action Project (CAP) and learn about the significance of public policy by registering online and examining public policy with your small group..

Announcements: It is super Tuesday- what will it mean?! Think about changes you want to see in your world- for your CAP.

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. US Constitution
a) Finish skits and notes
b) what is federalism? - handouts, if time- min. wage philosophical chairs
c) Preamble- say/sing it!- Your country’s Mission Statement! (pod-quad define each phrase)
3. Civic Mirror- Name- preamble/ideals, flag! NOTE- NAME IS PERMANENT!
4. Intro CAP
a) Pod-Quad: problems you see in SW, SL/Seattle, WA state, USA, World- categorize- p.2 only

1. Watch a LOCAL news station for 15 minutes or read Seattle Times LOCAL section for at least 15 minutes. Take notes following the orange media assignment. Add 2 sentences with your observations about Local vs. National news. Write in your Civics Notebook and title it “Local News Media Assignment” and date it at the top. Due Thursday.
2. Finish Civic Mirror reading and checks #2 and #3- Read/skim Civic Mirror Packet pp. 13-47- answer Qs from Reading Check #2 and #3. Due Thursday.
3. Study material so far on Govt 101 and memorize Preamble. Quiz next Tuesday. Use School House Rock online to help you!


Thursday March 3, 2016

Purpose: To learn about the CAP by reading assignment and discussing ideas, and to understand the political spectrum in US politics and apply this understanding to you/society by taking political typology quiz and analyzing several sources through the political spectrum lens.

Announcements: No school for you on Monday 3/7! CM Practice run will be next week- Tuesday or Thursday! Have your charged iPad ready! Quiz on Constitution 101, Political Spectrum and Memorized Preamble next Thursday :)

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, turn in CM check #2/3
2.  Intro to CAP
a) Pod-Quadproblems you see in SW, SL/Seattle, WA state, USA, World- categorize
b) policy lesson
c) 4 current events-local- and policy implications- standing workgroup and report out
d) go over CAP
4. Political Spectrum
a) Question Press- no grade- write IDK if you don’t know
b) Political Typology quiz
c) political spectrum ppt- take notes and use chart- make chart on back for Libertarian and Populist

1. Study material so far on Govt 101, Political Spectrum, and memorize Preamble. Quiz next Thursday. Use School House Rock online to help you with Premable!
2. Start thinking of possible CAP ideas.
3. Take notes on Political Parties sheet, by doing these two things:
a) Read article on What do political parties do and record notes at top of graph sheet.
b) look up Republican and Democratic websites (national) and look over their “platform”- what they believe in, Take notes in the 2 appropriate boxes. Provide a summary of the core issues/values of each party’s platform on your chart- ONLY DO SIDE 1 OF CHART! We are doing the “Third” parties together in class next week- the back side of the sheet. Due Tuesday March 8th.

Thursday March 3, 2016


1, Homelessness:

2. Heroin Epidemic:

3. Seattle Housing Costs:

4. College Costs and working through College:


Week of February 22-25, 2016

Monday February 22, 2016

Purpose: To assess different levels of government by watching clip, reading article and working with partner.

Announcements: Civic Action Project (CAP) will be assigned this week- exciting!

In Class:
1. Welcome back! HW and agenda- logistics during work time
2. Current events/debates- Simpson’s Clip
3. Levels of government
a) govt. in your life small group brainstorm- finish
b) clip on Malheur, Oregon take-over
c) read article and mark it up with partner- as teacher stamps Debate HW and checks supplies
d) discuss, then state/local vs. federal- cards

1. Complete Constitution Guide Qs- Avoiding at Tyranny?- due Tuesday (handout from class)


Tuesday February 23, 2016

Purpose:  To analyze the question as to your rights and responsibilities of Citizenship by watching clip, self-assessing and pod-quad discussion, and to review the framework of the US Government system- the US Constitution!

Announcements: Civic Mirror starts next week!

In Class:
1.  hw and agenda, turn in Constitution Tyranny Questions, sign out CM packet and organize notebook- set up the system!
2. Review-
a) p.2 Simpsons, P4 State vs. Federal
b) handout Federalism
c) Govt. unit objectives
d) vocab- back of preamble- which terms do you need to learn? Start working on that!
2. What is Citizenship?
a) Jaywalking
b) your turn!
c) Watch Citizen USA
d) your definition of citizenship- debrief HW
3. Constitution Time!
a) self- assessment
b) 1st impressions and get your own

1. Civic Mirror packet- skim/read pages 5-9 and 18-28— answer  Qs from reading check #1- due Thursday 2/25


Thursday February 25, 2016

Purpose:  To understand elements of media literacy and why the framers structured the Constitution the way that they did and what core principles are embedded in this document by participating in jigsaw and taking notes, watching clips.

Announcements: I will introduce the CAP and we start CM next week!

In Class:
1. HW and aggenda, turn in HW on CM
2. CM- what is it?
3. CNN Student News- take notes in Civics Notebook, enter it on yellow sheet, discuss
4. p.4- watch Citizen USA
5. Constitution Time!
a) 1st impressions
b) what it isn’t- quick jigsaw
c) Preamble- say/sing it!- Your Mission Statement!- NO TIME
d) Govt. 101 Constitutional Principles jigsaw

1. Media Literacy 101
a) read Newspeak article- due Monday.
b) complete first Media Literacy assignment- Due Monday. This time- compare news sites. Follow one national story on Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN or Yahoo. Take notes following Media literacy assignment handed out in class. 


Week of February 8-11, 2016

Monday February 8, 2016

Purpose: To 1) get to know one another and Ms.M and to understand the expectations for the new Civics class by listening to protocols, providing Ms. M with information, and 2) thinking about the role of government in your life by writing and participating in small group activity.

Announcements: Learn how my website works. I will post at end of day, usually. You are responsible for info, in case I can’t/don’t post. I will post by the week, with most recent week at top of Civics section. First HW assignment due tomorrow :)

1. Welcome! Pick up syllabus and course expectations, intro and HW papers
2. HW and agenda
3. Logistics
4. What is this class? Some info and expectations/questions you have- supplies
5. Small group discussion-  how does government relate to your life?

1. Complete Civics Questionnaire. Due Tuesday 2/9
2. Complete scavenger hunt- due on rolling basis, final due date Thursday 2/11
3. Get your supplies for this course- supplies due no later than Monday 2/22.
4. Get parent/guardian signatures on course expectations- due no later than Thursday 2/11.



Purpose: To analyze and understand ways that different levels of government impact your life by quick-writing, discussing with small group and large class discussion, moving around and reviewing handout.

Announcements: BSU Assembly first half of Thursday. Meet here first. Don’t be tardy!  Also, tonight’s HW requires you to interview 3 people for about 1 minute each. At least 2 need to be out of High School :)

1. HW and agenda, turn in Civics Questionnaire and any other handouts that are done
2. The News
a) check-in on your sources
b) CNN Student News- Cornell Notes Sheet (get spiral bound notebook for this/other reflections- you will also need a 3 ring binder-)
c) discuss- quad-pod
3. Government in your Daily Life- HOW BIG IS GOVERNMENT??
a) Movement- How Big is government?
b) Journal Quick-Write on laws
c) word whip on your new law
d) levels of Government- Kim Davis case clip
e) read levels of government and Vocab/partner cards
f) government in your daily life brainstorm sheet- quad-pod (if time)

1. What is Citizenship quotes and interview- due Thursday 2/11. Note- you must interview 3 people very briefly- at least 2 must be done with High School or older than a HS student.
2. Complete scavenger hunt- due on rolling basis, final due date Thursday 2/11
3. Get your supplies for this course- supplies due no later than Monday 2/22.
4. Get parent/guardian signatures on course expectations- due no later than Thursday 2/11.

Thursday February 11, 2016    BSU ASSEMBLY FIRST HALF OF CLASS

Purpose: To analyze how government is connected to your life what citizenship means by filling in chart, discussion with small group and seeing what you know :)

Announcements: Watch TV for your HW! Watch parts of the Debates. Download Apps!

In Class:
1. BSU Assembly
2. Discuss assembly
3. hw and agenda, turn in Citizenship quotes assignment
4. Government in your lives
a) Small Group discussion- levels of government and government in your life- how deep does it go?
b) state/local vs. federal

1. Watch at least 20 minutes EACH for the Democratic and Republican Debates. Take notes in your Civics Notebook (Spiral bound). Tape it in later if you don’t yet have your notebook. Put the date at the top right of page, title of entry underlined at middle top, then take your notes. Note the channel and time frame you are watching (start and end) and who is participating at the top. Then write in 3 columns: the question asked, who is answering, and what they say- note the claim they make and the evidence (in bullet points) that they provide. Do this for at least 4-5 questions per debate. Due Monday after break. If you are not available during the debates, you can watch them later online :)
Democratic Debate, February 11, 2016 PBS (KCTS9) at 6 PM PST
Republican Debate, February 13, 2016 CBS at 6 PM PST

2. Download News Apps to your iPad- add Democracy Now! to the list. Find it by searching for “Democracy Now!” on your iPad in Safari. Download option will come up when you open the site on your iPad.

3. Supplies due by Monday 2/22- Need 3 Ring Binder, Spiral Bound Civics “Notebook” and 4 dividers w/ labels.

Have a safe and relaxing break!


There is no textbook for this course. We will use a variety of readings, audio-visual and online materials. Bring the following materials to class EVERYDAY:

  • Your Civic Mirror Packet
  • Loose college ruled Paper, blue or black ink pens, pencils, highlighters, (tape and post-its are optional)
  • 3 hole Spiral Notebook or composition book- single subject, will be occasionally collected by me- this is your Civics Notebook.
  • A 3 ring binder or accordion file with the following 4 tabs written out: Government, CAP, Civic Mirror, Globalization/Human Rights. You will get a LOT of papers in this class- you need to stay organized. I expect you to have all assignments and handouts every day we meet.
  • Your CHARGED iPad EVERYDAY. The world is our textbook in this class J Essential in this class.
  • Some form of planner- electronic, book-style organizer or another method we discuss.
  • Your school issued gmail account- I expect you to use and check this regularly.
  • Your King County Library card - see www.kcls.org. If you don’t yet have one, get one now! All SW students are eligible to get one, even if you are a boundary exception.