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SIOP US History
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 SIOP US History 2015-16

Week of February 8-11, 2016

Monday February 8, 2016

The purpose of today's class (objective): To analyze what happened in US History during Reconstruction (immediately following the Civil War) by taking notes on powerpoint and video clips and small group discussion.

Announcements: Semester Grades and your essays will be done by Thursday morning!

In Class:
1. HW and agenda
2. How was the Civil War fought?- Atlas on the CW- 15 minutes.
3. What was Reconstruction and how did it shape US History?
a) what does this word sound like it means?
b) start video/ppt lecture- take notes on handout

1. Finish Atlas assignments on Reconstruction and Civil War- due Thursday (note that you will also have additional HW on Tuesday night!)


Tuesday February 9, 2016

Purpose:  To more deeply understand Reconstruction and what it meant for African Americans after the Civil War by watching video clips and taking notes on my ppt.

Announcements: BSU Assembly on Thursday. Meet here and don’t be late!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. Reconstruction
a) review- vocab- what does Reconstruction mean? Appeasement?
b) take ppt. notes and watch film clips

1. Read Transformation and Change green packet pp.5-8 “Three African American Views”. Answer questions 1 and 3 from p.8. Due in History Notebook on Monday 2/22 after break, so get it done now if you want no HW over break.
2. Atlas- 3 Maps on Civil War and Reconstruction due on Thursday 2/11!

Thursday February 11, 2016

Purpose: To learn about links between BSU Assembly and Reconstruction!

Announcements: Have a great break- finish 3 African American Views questions- due Monday 2/22!

In Class:
1. Straight to BSU assembly- sit with me.
2. hw and agenda, turn in Atlas assignment and early HW for 3 African American views.
3. Discuss assembly

1. If you are not done with Questions 1 and 3 from p.8 of the reading on 3 African American Views (pp.5-8 in Green Transformation and Change packet), then finish it over break. Due Monday we return.

Have a safe and relaxing break!

Week of February 1-5, 2016

Monday February 1, 2016    O DAY

Tuesday February 2, 2016    

Purpose: To understand the impact of the Civil War on all Americans, and especially African Americans, but finishing the film Glory, finishing the War with Mexico Tea Party, and

Announcements: You may use ONE 3X5 Notecard in your own writing, with your name on it- BOTH SIDES- for the final exam on Thursday!

In Class:
1. hw and agenda
2. Logistics:
a)  hand out exam review sheet
b) turn in History Notebook with blue sheet and page numbers present. Make sure you have also self-evaluated and checked off what you have and put a zero if not there.
c) turn in dialogue journal on “We Take Nothing by Conquest” reading.
2. The Civil War
a) Finish Glory
b) discuss film and Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg and outcome of war.
3. Review for Test

1. Study for test and create study notecard- two sides of one 3X5- hand written and name on it!  There will be 55-60 questions, including a couple of short answer questions!




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Week of February 8-11, 2016

Monday February 8, 2016

Purpose: To 1) get to know one another and Ms.M and to understand the expectations for the new Civics class by listening to protocols, providing Ms. M with information, and 2) thinking about the role of government in your life by writing and participating in small group activity.

Announcements: Learn how my website works. I will post at end of day, usually. You are responsible for info, in case I can’t/don’t post. I will post by the week, with most recent week at top of Civics section. First HW assignment due tomorrow :)

1. Welcome! Pick up syllabus and course expectations, intro and HW papers
2. HW and agenda
3. Logistics
4. What is this class? Some info and expectations/questions you have- supplies
5. Small group discussion-  how does government relate to your life?

1. Complete Civics Questionnaire. Due Tuesday 2/9
2. Complete scavenger hunt- due on rolling basis, final due date Thursday 2/11
3. Get your supplies for this course- supplies due no later than Monday 2/22.
4. Get parent/guardian signatures on course expectations- due no later than Thursday 2/11.



Purpose: To analyze and understand ways that different levels of government impact your life by quick-writing, discussing with small group and large class discussion, moving around and reviewing handout.

Announcements: BSU Assembly first half of Thursday. Meet here first. Don’t be tardy!  Also, tonight’s HW requires you to interview 3 people for about 1 minute each. At least 2 need to be out of High School :)

1. HW and agenda, turn in Civics Questionnaire and any other handouts that are done
2. The News
a) check-in on your sources
b) CNN Student News- Cornell Notes Sheet (get spiral bound notebook for this/other reflections- you will also need a 3 ring binder-)
c) discuss- quad-pod
3. Government in your Daily Life- HOW BIG IS GOVERNMENT??
a) Movement- How Big is government?
b) Journal Quick-Write on laws
c) word whip on your new law
d) levels of Government- Kim Davis case clip
e) read levels of government and Vocab/partner cards
f) government in your daily life brainstorm sheet- quad-pod (if time)

1. What is Citizenship quotes and interview- due Thursday 2/11. Note- you must interview 3 people very briefly- at least 2 must be done with High School or older than a HS student.
2. Complete scavenger hunt- due on rolling basis, final due date Thursday 2/11
3. Get your supplies for this course- supplies due no later than Monday 2/22.
4. Get parent/guardian signatures on course expectations- due no later than Thursday 2/11.

Thursday February 11, 2016    BSU ASSEMBLY FIRST HALF OF CLASS

Purpose: To analyze how government is connected to your life what citizenship means by filling in chart, discussion with small group and seeing what you know :)

Announcements: Watch TV for your HW! Watch parts of the Debates. Download Apps!

In Class:
1. BSU Assembly
2. Discuss assembly
3. hw and agenda, turn in Citizenship quotes assignment
4. Government in your lives
a) Small Group discussion- levels of government and government in your life- how deep does it go?
b) state/local vs. federal

1. Watch at least 20 minutes EACH for the Democratic and Republican Debates. Take notes in your Civics Notebook (Spiral bound). Tape it in later if you don’t yet have your notebook. Put the date at the top right of page, title of entry underlined at middle top, then take your notes. Note the channel and time frame you are watching (start and end) and who is participating at the top. Then write in 3 columns: the question asked, who is answering, and what they say- note the claim they make and the evidence (in bullet points) that they provide. Do this for at least 4-5 questions per debate. Due Monday after break. If you are not available during the debates, you can watch them later online :)
Democratic Debate, February 11, 2016 PBS (KCTS9) at 6 PM PST
Republican Debate, February 13, 2016 CBS at 6 PM PST

2. Download News Apps to your iPad- add Democracy Now! to the list. Find it by searching for “Democracy Now!” on your iPad in Safari. Download option will come up when you open the site on your iPad.

3. Supplies due by Monday 2/22- Need 3 Ring Binder, Spiral Bound Civics “Notebook” and 4 dividers w/ labels.

Have a safe and relaxing break!


There is no textbook for this course. We will use a variety of readings, audio-visual and online materials. Bring the following materials to class EVERYDAY:

  • Your Civic Mirror Packet
  • Loose college ruled Paper, blue or black ink pens, pencils, highlighters, (tape and post-its are optional)
  • 3 hole Spiral Notebook or composition book- single subject, will be occasionally collected by me- this is your Civics Notebook.
  • A 3 ring binder or accordion file with the following 4 tabs written out: Government, CAP, Civic Mirror, Globalization/Human Rights. You will get a LOT of papers in this class- you need to stay organized. I expect you to have all assignments and handouts every day we meet.
  • Your CHARGED iPad EVERYDAY. The world is our textbook in this class J Essential in this class.
  • Some form of planner- electronic, book-style organizer or another method we discuss.
  • Your school issued gmail account- I expect you to use and check this regularly.
  • Your King County Library card - see www.kcls.org. If you don’t yet have one, get one now! All SW students are eligible to get one, even if you are a boundary exception.