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US History and Government
Hollywood and History

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US History and Government

 US History 2014-15


Week of September 15-18, 2014    BBABA

Monday September 15, 2014

Announcements: TCI accounts today!

The purpose of today's class (objective): To clarify different ways to determine veracity of source through class discussion of activities and homework, and to understand founding ideals of the USA through SOAPSSing two primary source documents.

1. hw and agenda, turn in What is History Qs
2. Kensington stone
a) debrief- fraud or no?
b) Read Truthiness article- discuss
c) current events- quality, reliability and veracity of source? Snopes? VOCAB
d) what is history?- Fenton and primary vs. secondary sources- ch.1 TCI

3. TCI online accounts- give out cut slips and register.  

4. What is America and who is an American?
a) my survey
b) Founding Ideals survey on TCI handout- discuss
c) read TCI ch. 2.1, start HW with TCI 2.2

Read Pursuing American Ideals textbook Ch.2- sections 2.2-2.7- fill in boxes on back of notebook worksheet. Do not recopy into your notebook- we will glue/tape it into your notebook :)  Due next class.


Tuesday September 16, 2014

The purpose of today's class (objective): To understand text and analyze meaning of 2 primary source documents and work with small and large groups to find ways that 5 ideals are found in US history.

Announcements: Note- if you were absent yesterday, make sure you have logged into TCI online account- get cut slip from Ms. McFarlane.

2. hw and agenda, teacher stamps ch.2 notebook guide hw (tape into history notebook and add to blue notebook list), give out free hw and late work passes, no problem pass
3. D of I- why so important?!
a. secret doc
b. purpose of govt ppt TCI
c. D of I vocab in notebook- Vocab: Unalienable, Abolish, Sovereignty, Confederation, Federal, Unitary
d. class- examine doc with ppt, then pairs- political ideology of the Am. Rev.
4. Start Ch. 5 TCI- read 5.1, start HW if time

HW- Cornell Notes in your History Notebook- TCI Chapter 5.2, 5.3, 5.4- just set up and take notes- write down date, title, essential question and take your notes on 2/3 of page to right. Leave space on the left side. We will "Cornellize" your notes next class- adding questions and categories to left and writing one paragraph summary of understanding.

Week of September 9-11, 2014     ABABA

Tuesday September 9, 2014

The purpose of today's class (objective): To understand the historical method used by historians (historiography) by participating in small and large group discussion, observing video clips and reading articles on Ferguson, MO and taking notes on the historical method.

1. Turn in HW- scavenger hunt, confidential info sheet if not yet in, make sure I have Parent/Guardian emails.
2. hw and agenda, announcements
3. Your generation-
a) finish explaining in p.6, do you agree?
b) VOCAB- NARCISSISM- how do others define you? Do you agree?
c) what would you call your parent/guardian's generation? Associations?
4. What is History
a) Your Personal History- Quad Pod activity-
During class reading today I will check off your planner system and history notebook and binder with dividers.
b) classification exercise
c) frame of reference activity
- article and notes- How Historian Inquires into Past- teacher checks off planner, binder, dividers and history notebook

Read: How the Historian Uses Hypotheses:  The Riddle of the Kensington Stone. (Handout).  On a separate sheet of paper, with a complete heading in the right corner, and a title across the top of the front page, please answer the following questions.  Please mark up your reading with highlighter/underlining and margin notes (this is also called annotating your notes). DUE THURSDAY 9/11.
1.  What is the source of this article?
2. The author of the article states several facts at the beginning of the article- name one and offer your response to this fact.
3.  After these facts, what, hypothesis does he discuss first in the article- this hypothesis is based on Breda’s work?
4.  What evidence does he give for this hypothesis?
5.  What hypothesis does he discuss next- based on Holand’s work?
6.   How does he support the second hypothesis?                   
7.  Do you think he proved the hypothesis that the stone is an authentic relic?  Support your answer.


Thursday September 11, 2014

Announcements: Bring your binder and history notebook  EVERYDAY!  

The purpose of today's class (objective): To apply PERSIAN and social science concepts to a study of events in Ferguson, MO in order to formulate hypotheses by speaking in pod-quads and whole class and recording specific evidence found in various texts/videos/photos .

1.  hw and agenda
2. Entry task on Kensington Stone (label your entry this)- Write in your History Notebook for 3 Minutes- Is the Kensington Stone real or not? Why?

3. Logistics:
a) Make Two Truths and a Lie (TTL) card
b) Teacher passed out No Problem and free HW pass
c) if you missed any part of check-off on supplies (missing dividers, binder, planner), show me now.
d) Teacher stamps HW- annotated article and 7 questions- How Historian Uses Hypotheses

4. What is History- frame of reference activity
a) discuss article and notes- How Historian Inquires into Past- methodology
b) examine examples- Ferguson, MO and PERSIAN

Business Week article on County Map

California Newsreel on Redlining

This one is about breaking out of one's paradigm :)

5. What is History- The Kensington Stone
a) Pod-quad and large group activity based on reading
b) add a new paragraph to History Notebook- now what do you think? Is the Kensington Stone real or not? Why? Most convincing evidence for you?
b) turn in stamped HW- staple 7 questions to your article

1.  Read "Why Study History" by Edwin Fenton. Answer questions on handout. Due Monday 9/15.
2.  Go to www.snopes.com- look up two urban legends.  Examine this site- how this might be a useful site for you? Write two sentences in your history Notebook.
3. Current events in US History- Pick a current event to investigate- one topic.  Read at least 3 different news sources (draw from the list and links below) on this one current event (so read 3 articles on this one topic). IN YOUR HISTORY NOTEBOOK--For each of the 3 sources, write down the name of the source (website), article title and one sentence per source on your opinion as to the quality of this news source- think about perspective, bias, depth. Due Monday 9/15.
Current Events links:
BBC    http://www.bbc.com/
CNN    http://www.cnn.com/
NPR    http://www.npr.org/
Fox    http://www.foxnews.com/
NBC    http://www.nbcnews.com/?OCID=ggl|NBC+News+awareness|MSNBC|msnbc|Exact
Al Jazeera    http://www.aljazeera.com/
Democracy Now    http://www.democracynow.org/


Week of September 3-4, 2014

The purpose of today's class (objective): To get to know teacher and others, and to identify procedures/locate necessary materials in this class by listening to the teacher, speaking/listening to other students and recording information on scavenger hunt.

Wednesday September 3, 2014 C Day Opening Day- 45 min. class

Announcements:  Welcome to US History- I am glad you are here!

1.  Welcome, attendance, make your name card
2. Create your notecard, fill in Student Info Sheet- fill this in at home.
3. About Ms. M, about you
4. Homework and planner vs. ical/electronic calendar for the year- you need a system! A few other procedures

1.  Student info sheet due tomorrow, if not completed in class today- 9/4
2. Scavenger hunt due Tuesday 9/9
3.  Signatures and P/G email to Ms. M- due Tuesday 9/9
4.  ical/calendar set up by Tuesday 9/9- I will check
5.  Supplies and notebook set up due Tuesday 9/9 for Notebook check


Thursday September 4, 2014 B Day

The purpose of today's class (objective): To define your generation and analyze your generations' role in history through small group and class discussion, and writing.

Announcements: Get your supplies. Tell your families about Open House- Thursday October 2, 2014.

In Class:
1.  Turn in Confidential Student info sheet if not in yet, and any signed course sheets that are done. Sign out textbook- cover your book at home. RIGHT NOW- put your name, McFarlane and 2014-15 in the front of the book. Keep your book safely at home! We will do TCI accounts next week for online access.
2. Entry Task: Write down this definition in your history notebook-- VOCAB PARADIGM
 A paradox is when two ideas seem to contradict/be the opposite of each other, but are both true.
    Look at the bulletin board with the words "ideal" and "real"- how do you think the         word Paradox applies to the ideas presented here?

    Go over ideas, and explain blue History Notebook Check paper- tape into front of         History Notebook.

3.  Attendance, hw and agenda
4. More on overview of class/projects, history day, norms and protocol- absence folder, food, grading/late work- turn in and pick up, respect norms- brainstorm what you are excited to learn about in US!
5. Finish discussion from Wednesday- book, summer, influential movie, current event (record)
6. Why study history?
a)  pair discussion- no “so we don’t repeat the past”
b)  story/ppt
c) 9/11- history or a current event?
6. My Generation- Vocab- NARCISSISM
a) group exercise on my generation-
b) empty pockets- define/find object for your generation- discuss
c) name and define your and your parent/guardians’ generation

7. The links below are for HW: Read at least two of the four articles below on "your generation"- write your paragraph in your history notebook, as explained in the HW section
"Millennials are Old News"

"Contrasting Gens Y and Z"

"Recession generation? Young adults brace for simpler lifestyle"

"Gen Z- Lazy and Unaware?"

1.  Due Tuesday 9/9: Scavenger hunt, Signatures and P/G email to Ms. M, have ical/calendar set up, Supplies and notebook set up- - I will check planner, binder and spiral bound history notebook.
2. Due Tuesday 9/9. Read 2 of the four articles above about  "your generation" (links are in in-class section), write a one paragraph  analysis in your history notebook: Do these articles accurately portray your generation?  Explain, and cite examples from the articles. Use complete heading and underline title of the assignment (see syllabus for example- syllabus should be stored in front of US History section of binder).
3. Complete your Personal History assignment- due Tuesday 9/9
4. Read TCI CH.1.1 and 1.2- on history. Fill in chart on back side of personal history- due Tuesday 9/9.


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Week of September 15-18, 2014     BBABA

Monday September 15, 2014

The purpose of today's class: To understand the impact of the Great War (WWI) on the American economic experience, and the reality of the Justice system for some Americans through watching the film I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang.

In Class:
1. turn in review- Public Enemy with rubric attached- make sure it is in turnitin.com, too.
2. HW and agenda
3. Go over Quarter 1 films, sign up to lead discussion on 1 movie- just for quarter 1.
4. The Great Depression-  
a) Individually, read HH packet pp. 21-23- this is an excerpt from Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States. Take Cornell Notes in your Film Journal on what life was like for most people in the US during the Great Depression. List at least 8 ideas (include the Bonus Army).
b) Discuss with partner
c) photo activity
d) class discussion
5. Background on The Great War and role of the economy and veterans in WWI.
6. Start "I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang." (1932, 92 mins)

1. Listen to or read NPR story on the Bonus Army- add some notes in your film journal
2. Note- see link below if you are interested in Crisis of Credit cartoon video- to understand some of the roots of the recent Great Recession. This is for enrichment- not an assignment :)

Discussion Leaders for Tuesday 9/16/14-"I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang" will be: Nicole J and Talia W

REMEMBER: discussion leaders are exempt from writing the review :) Discussion leaders will turn in their questions and notes with name on it, with discussion leader and date and film at the top.

- Prior to your discussion day, research at least 2 sources- read about your film, find photos, ideas, clips (maybe) to share. Share with class before or during discussion
- Meet with Ms. M and your partner to go over your questions, the packet questions, and decide on a discussion protocol in advance
- After the discussion, turn in your notes and questions to Ms. M


Tuesday September 16, 2014

The purpose of today's class: To analyze the historical context of the Great Depression and issues surrounding the 1930s Justice System through discussion of "I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang."

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, Brother Can You Spare a Dime
2. Finish Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932, 92 mins)
3. Activity- discuss  Bonus Army
4. Discussion- I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang- Leaders:  Nicole and Talia

1. Write review for Fugitive- due Thursday 9/18/14. Note:  add more historical context to your review, for many of you. Also, most of you actually need more examples/evidence from the film to prove your generalizations- especially in paragraph 2- my prompts and general plot overview with analysis.
2. Read HH packet pp.36-38 on "I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang". add to your notes in your Film Journal- within your film notes is fine- just indicate the source.  Due next class.

Discussion leaders for Heroes for Sale NEXT Tuesday 9/23 will be: Dan E and Sidra T


Week of September 9-11, 2014 (2 classes this week)

The purpose of today's class: To analyze the film The Public Enemy for elements of Historical Context by observing film, discussing with whole class, and writing a discussion question based on the film.

Tuesday September 9, 2014

In Class:
1. hw and agenda, turn in signatures for syllabus/any other paper work not yet in, pick up rubric for first review, stamp notes in film journal
2. Explain and sign up for Tunitin.com accounts
3. Finish The Public Enemy- 1931- 83 mins- why subtitles?
4. Write one question for the question basket for Thursday's discussion on The Public Enemy.

1.  Read HH Packet pp. 24-29 "Depression America and its Films"
Questions:- Use Title and Full Heading- put on separate paper- Due Thursday 9/11.
1. How did the Depression years strengthen studios?
2. What was the public attitude towards movies/film during the Great Depression?
3. Discuss various genres of Depression-era films. Which are you most attracted to and why?
4. How did Franklin Delano Roosevelt's election factor in to Hollywood?
5. What is your overall impression of Hollywood's impact on/response to the Great Depression?

2. Read background on Socratic Seminar- due Thursday.

Thursday September 11, 2014

The purpose of today's class: To evaluate the film "The Public Enemy" in a Socratic Seminar discussion through providing examples from the film and critiquing the film in class discussion; the goal is to have everyone speak and participate.
In Class:
1. Entry Task- look over the Primary Source Cartoon provided- "The Ladder of Success."  In your film journal, write down "The Ladder of Success" - note the source and date, and write quietly for 3 minutes. What is this cartoon about, why is the date significant and what messages is it sending? To whom?

After I call time, debrief with your partner, then class.

2. hw and agenda
3. Pass out, explain and go over passes
4. Pod-Quad activity- Depression America and its films.
5. Finish Public enemy, then discuss- Socratic Seminar format- GOAL- ALL PARTICIPATE
6. Go over sample reviews- RETURN SAMPLE REVIEWS TODAY

1. Write review- The Public Enemy. Due Monday 9/15- to both Turnitin.com and paper copy with rubric attached.


Week of September 3-4, 2014

Wednesday September 3, 2014 C Day

The purpose of today's class:  Review procedures and expectations for this class and get to know others by listening/speaking during activities.

In Class:
1. Welcome and about Ms. M
2. hw and agenda, Sign out HH Packet #1
3. Intro activities
- name card
- student info card
- Welcome to Hollywood info sheet
-  start syllabus- go over class expectations, my website and safety/evacuation info
4. Intro The Public Enemy (1931- 83 mins) and start film- TAKE NOTES- tape into film journal.

1. Finish reading syllabus and get parent/guardian signature by Tuesday 9/9/14.
2. Get supplies by Tuesday 9/9/14- Get spiral 3 hole punch notebook for film journal (will go with binder). Set up B Day binder (Hollywood will be one part)- have dividers, pens, pencils.
3. Finish Welcome to Hollywood sheet if needed. Due Thursday 9/4/14.
4. Questions from Blue Hollywood and History Reading Packet- due THURSDAY 9/4/14 on separate paper- use title and full heading. I have given you a slip of paper with these questions.

Response Questions for “The History of Film” p. 9-13
After reading the article please answer using complete sentences for next class period.

1.    Why does the article say film is different than other art forms?  Do you agree?  Why or why not?

2.    How did the film industry prevent government censorship of motion pictures?  

3.    How did the introduction of sound in 1927 change the industry?  (Go deeper than “people could hear now”)

4.    How did events in 1933/34 affect the film industry?


Thursday September 4, 2014  

The purpose of today's class: Analyze the history of early film in America by discussing specific historical details.

Announcement: The next day I see you will be Tuesday September 9th!

In Class:
1. Logistics:
a) turn in Welcome to Hollywood (OK to give me next Tuesday, if needed)
b) have me stamp 4 questions- last night's HW
2. hw and agenda
3. The history of film- small group/large group discussion, turn in stamped HW after discussion
1878 Muybridge Horse Race

France- Lumiere, others
Melies Atrip to the Moon- 1902- France

The Great Train Robbery- USA 1903

1915- DW Griffiths- Birth of a Nation- Black Face Al Jolson- not shorts anymore- longer film

The Jazz Singer- 1927

4. Go over elements of syllabus/logistics of this class
5. Go over Movie Review criteria and rubric, look at examples
6. Go over background and start the Film- The Public Enemy- take notes in your history notebook

1. Finish reading syllabus and get parent/guardian signature by Tuesday 9/9/14.
2. Get supplies by Tuesday 9/9/14- Get spiral 3 hole punch notebook for film journal (will go with binder). Set up B Day binder (Hollywood will be one part)- have dividers, pens, pencils.
3. Finish Welcome to Hollywood sheet if needed. Due no later than Tuesday 9/9.
4. Read HH Packet pp.30-35. Write additional notes in your film notebook to help you better understand the background for the film "The Public Enemy." Don't forget to cite your source in your notes- indicate page number in your notes. Remember, your HW on Tuesday night will be to write your first film review!