Vicki Gorman
Email: Vicki.gorman@shorelineschools.org
Shorewood High School phone number - 206-393-6882     
Athletic Director/Physical Education Department Head/Cheer Coach                   

Responsibilities: Athletics, Coordinate Gym Usage,  Physical Education Department Head and Cheer Coach

  I teach three Physical Education classes, Performance Dance (second and fifth) and Individual Sports (4th).  I have a degree from the University of Washington, a Masters in Curriculum Development from City University, and I have been a Nationally Board Certified Teacher since 2008. I work with teachers pursing their National Boards through Jump Start and Homestretch occasionally and will be teaching National Board Physical Education clinics at the University of Washington this year . I am married and I have two children, one son graduated from Shorewood in 2000, then graduated from the UW in 2004. My youngest son graduated from the UW in 2013. I also have a wonderful granddaughter, Leah.  I have always been PROUD to be a T-Bird and love being a part of the SW Community!!!!!!!
2nd Period - Performance Dance
5th Period - Performance Dance
4th Period - Individual Sports
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NOTE:  A student will not receive credit in Physical Education if they accumulate nine absences.