Wednesday 3/22 Grades were updated on Canvas today.   

Your notebook will be due Thursday 3/30.  The NB checksheet is available on my website Documents.  You will receive a hard copy on Monday.




This website is intended to help students and parents/guardians find information about class activities, homework and  important dates.    HOMEWORK:   Please click on the Events tab at left to view the class calendar.  Then click on the day of interest.  There you will find the agenda and the homework assignment for that day.  For grade information please use Data Dashboard. The Documents and Links tabs are also very useful for particular assignments.

 A note to parents: I work part time and am in the building on Mondays, Tues and Thurs starting at 9 am It is best to reach me  by using email which you can do easily by clicking on "Contact" at left. To view Information about my professional background please click on "About Mrs. Crocker".





If you want to see how much fun we have in biology,  go to "5 Kingdoms"in my website Links to learn about the Dog Vomit Slime Mold we saw in class!


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