District Instructional Materials Committee (DIMC)

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Important DIMC Dates


Submission Due Dates

(Original typed forms along with two copies of materials for approval)


DIMC Meetings

Dates / Times



Final Board Approval

September 16

October 7

1:00 p.m.


November 9

November 18

December 9

1:00 p.m.


January 25

March 23

April 13

1:00 p.m.


May 23

April 27

May 18

1:00 p.m.


June 20

FAQ’s for Instructional Materials

What is the process for getting something approved?
A teacher would go to department chair (or principal if no department chair with request).  Teacher then submits the appropriate paperwork (found on the website) and provides copies of the material to the committee.  Teacher will be notified when the material will be reviewed by the committee and perhaps be invited to discuss the material at the committee meeting.  The committee will then approve or disapprove the material.  If approved, the material will then go to the board of directors for a final approval. For further details on which materials

Who is on DIMC?
The committee is made up of the Director of Teaching and Learning, the Director of Special Education, and a representative from the following groups: Professional Development, Media/Technology, high school administrator, middle school administrator, elementary administrator, high school teacher, middle school teacher, elementary teacher, secondary librarian, elementary librarian, counselor/special programs, Home Education Exchange, parent (secondary and elementary), and secretary.

How do I know what is already approved?
Download the spreadsheet under documents to search
for materials appropriate for your grade level or subject area. 

What materials do I need to have approved?
All textbooks, novels, plays, software, online programs, supplemental materials that do not fall under one of the following categories:
Resources used infrequently or for a short period of time
Non-sensitive individual resources used in sets of fewer than five
Plays, musicals, and productions used only outside of the school day as part of an extra-curricular program (Building principal’s approval is required.) 

What if I want to use something that is not on this list?
You must go through the process of getting that material articulated by the district.