The BRITE Program

Behavior Re-education In a Therapeutic Environment

BRITE Program Lead  
Kye Hong

BRITE Program Therapist   
Rachel Barrett   

Primary Classroom
    Special Education Teacher    Melissa Kleinholz 
    Behavior Technician    Patti Sundquist
One-on-one Paraeducator   Krista Lund
Intermediate Classroom
    Special Education Teacher    Carrie Swackhamer
    Behavior Technician    Jacqui Drew

What is the BRITE Program?
The BRITE program provides intensive therapeutic and behavioral interventions for Shoreline School District’s special education students whose behaviors have been identified as the most significant factor interfering with their educational progress.  These students have needs that cannot be met by less restrictive options at their home school within the Shoreline School District. 

The BRITE program has one primary and one intermediate ages classroom.  Each classroom is staffed with a special education teacher, a classroom-based therapist, and a behavior technician.  All staff have specialized training which enables them to work with children with serious emotional and behavioral needs.

What types of services are provided in the BRITE Program?
The BRITE program follows a day treatment model that uses intensive behavior management strategies and systems such as point and level systems, social skills instruction, group and individual therapy, work with families, case management, as well as academic and remedial instruction to provide a comprehensive service delivery system.  The BRITE program also provides referral and transition services for those students in need of more intensive interventions and/or other support services.  When students or families receive services from outside agencies, the BRITE program collaborates with the other agencies to provide a program that is consistent with those goals and treatment plans.  The program is a strengths-based model designed to build on students’ success.  As students experience success in school and meet certain behavioral expectations, they experience an increase in general education opportunities.  The ultimate goal of the program is a successful transition of students to a less restrictive school setting as the students are ready.

How do students enter the BRITE Program?
Students placed in the BRITE program must be eligible for special education services and the home school (the referring school) needs to provide evidence of severe behaviors that significantly impact the student’s ability to benefit from educational instruction in the current setting.  The home school also documents interventions/ behavior support plans that have been tried and the success of these interventions.  Students placed in the BRITE program demonstrate a large variety of behaviors, eligibility categories and medical diagnoses; therefore, the BRITE team uses the criteria of educational impact and resistance to intervention as the primary determinants on placement.