Welcome to the
Syre Family Advocate Page!

My name is Kristina Weidert and I am the Family Advocate here at Syre.

The role of the family advocate is to partner with students, families and staff in order to provide support and resources to meet the needs of our families.  

Family Advocates can provide support in many different ways, including but no limited to:
 - community resources / referrals
 - short term consultation / support
 - assistance during a family crisis or transitions
 - teaming with families and school staff to help support students in reaching academic and behavioral goals

Please check out the documents section to access many of the community resources in our area.  I will also frequently update the events page with local activities and services.

If your family needs assistance any any point this school year please do not hesitate to contact me or drop by my office.  

I am at Syre on Monday afternoons, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I look forward to working together towards a happy and successful year!

Kristina Weidert, MSW