Syre Safety Patrol


Your 4th grade teacher has the application forms, due by the last day of school (I will not accept any applications after Friday, June 20th.)  If you lost your form and need a new one, additional copies may be found via the 'documents' section of the Patrol website.
There only two ways that a current 5th grader may apply for Safety Patrol...
    1) If they were new to Syre as a 5th grader and missed the application process in 4th grade.
    2) If they will be new to Syre as a 6th grader in the fall.
These students need to understand however, that they are applying to the wait list only. Currently, there are six 5th grade students on the wait list from last year's application process.
I do my best to keep the grade levels balanced on Patrol, so that I only lose half my squad each year. If, however, each current 5th grader on the wait list makes Safety Patrol next year, and more members in that grade level are needed, I will MOST DEFINITELY open the application process up to all in that grade level.
Again, thank you so much for your want to keep Syre safe.  Your volunteerism warms my heart. <3